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I am working on a site here: mfm.treethink.net All the jquery works fine in Firefox, Chrome and Safari but on IE8 it gives me errors and the banner at the top doesnt work (which uses the crossSlide j. cross browsers jquery animate scrollTop. jQuery .scrollTop() animation. I set the page to scroll to top when a button is clicked.5000) ScrollTop works in Chrome and Edge but not Firefox. Try .position() instead of .offset() to see if that works. Well, (window) is jQuery syntax (or some other JS library). jQuery has no such thing as scrollTop, but the Element DOM interface does (the window doesnt).jQuery and pure JavaScript are not interchangeable. Using window.scrollY should work. But seems this is not working only in IE.Just checking - did you also change the if( (window).scrollTop() to if( (document). scrollTop()? slynagh Feb 21 14 at 7:41.

yep did that but now the issue is in adding the css via jquery Thanks to the navigator.userAgent we know the device and discriminate the if-else. scrollTo cant use fancy animations like jquery animate, but it does the job.Hi Jonath, i have tried everything mentioned above to make scrolltop work in my IPad but unable to do it, my scenario is as below application is Using jQuery with Vuejs with following code in ready event: ready () window.(.content). scrollTop(500) . It does not work. Only (body).

scrollTop() works in Chrome. Jquery Scrolltop Not Working In Firefox If you notice any problems, let us know!Simon PietersPublished on 20 May 2015 in Articles. It is working fine in IE Browser Version:11.0.40 for jQuery 2.2.4 version. Please check your jQuery version. Note: for me event has been fired for two times when dragging image from desktop to IE 11 browser. JQuery scrollTop does not work in parent container other than html,body to scroll to a particular position. It only works to scroll to top or bottom. Neither position() nor offset() calculates the value properly. I have noticed an odd behavior while using jquerys scrollTop in IE 9, 10 11.Callback stuff ) The scrolling technically works but in IE the page is reset to the top and then scrolls. I have tried placing return false values throughout the process but with no luck. windowScrollPosTop jQuery(window).scrollTop() windowScrollPosBottom windowHeight windowScrollPosTopOne thought on jquery scrollTop animation function not working. A beginners tutorial containing complete knowledge of jQuery Selectors Reply to jQuery scrollTop not work in ready(), why? on Thu, 05 May 2016 13:50:45 GMT. ready(function()("slideup1"). scrollTop over a period of time, then something is not working Jquery Scrolltop Not Working In Chrome. Click here to Sign upYou can also use the below options to loginLogin with FacebookLogin with GoogleLogin with Yahoo jQuery Plugins UI Meetups Forum Blog About Donate All Forums Recent Posts Other way it wont work at the same time in both browsers. I do not understand why the scrollTop() jquery function is not working on the body element on Firefox.Scroll. (window).scrollTop(0) seems to be supported by all browsers IE9 (maybe IE8 but I dont test on that any more). I am building a onepage website which uses the scrollTop() function from Jquery.Cropping the hash from the href attribute should work in every browser. maybe the jump results from setting the window.location.hash. var centre document.body.scrollTop document.documentElement.clientHeight / 2 to replace this.but its not working, how can I get the centre var in IE. I just realized a scroll feature Im using is causing my site to work differently in firefox. Ive tried a few steps to debug, but cant seem to find the fix based on research from other onlineReferenceError: is not defined (document).ready(function() . Try including your jQuery library before the function call. Im using jQuery .scrollTop to scroll image within a div. It works great in Firefox scrolling is very smooth and fast. In IE 8 scrolling is very slow and glitchy image scrolls once in about a second two seconds. Google. Facebook. scrolltop() doesnt work in IE9 at all. Ask Question.How does data binding work in AngularJS? 1. Twitter Bootstrap Radio Toggle - Works in all browsers except IE9. 2. Jquery Submit To Iframe Not Working in IE 9. The following script shows how scroll to top animations works in jQuery.("html, body").animate(scrollTop : 0,700) : Clicking the link will trigger the animate() method,which takes the parameters, scrollTop and the duration of this effect (700 milliSeconds).The scrollTop() method is ScrollTop Not Working On IE. IE Pixel Discrepancy With Top / ScrollTop. JQuery :: Cannot Get First ScrollTop To Work.Need NS6 Equivilant Of ScrollTop Or PageYOffset. JQuery :: Animate With ScrollTop Does Not Work In IE. I asked this query (JQuery scroll () / scrollTop () does not work in IE or Firefox) yesterday, which I marked as the correct answer only to real. ScrollTop is a function from teh dimensions plugin. I found the (window). scrollTop() works, still curoius why it does not work for functions.Sent from the jQuery General Discussion mailing list archive at Nabble.com. I have some jQuery code that scrolls to the top of an elements parent on click event. This code works great, however, when testing on IE and Firefox, the scroll does not work .See Animate scrollTop not working in firefox. Question: scrollTop() jQuery not working. im using this script as a test but it seems not to be working for me and i dont know why.Solution to scrollTop() jQuery not working. Both are working perfectly fine. in Using jQuery Plugins 2 years ago. So Im using the scroll event to trigger a masonry layout as followsRe: Re: Window.scroll not working in IE11. 2 years ago. It is a bad practice. when I scroll vertically

2014 2:28, автор: tmacka88. jquery scrollTop not working correctly?I am trying to get a scroll function to work without 100 luck. I have a a few links that are position:fixed on my side for easy nav to a particular section. ("two").scroll(function() (one).scrollTop((two).scrollTop()) ) The Difference in IE8 is slighlty better than IE9. How can I fix this in IE9 ?How does jQuerys synchronous AJAX request work? asynchronous asynchronous jquery January 09,2018 1. (body[data-pagecontroller"profile"],body[data-pagecontroller"search"]).animate( scrollTop: ("ipsLayoutbody").offset().top -65 , 1000)jQuery isnt working in Firefox. i have a big problem with that javascript doesnt work with my javascript code. What do i need to change Jquery animate scrolltop not working in Chrome on iPhone.I also have not had access to a computer with IE. jquery.scrollTo - Lightweight, cross-browser and highly customizable animated scrolling with jQuery. horizontal scrolling not working in safari 6? Sent from the jQuery General Discussion mailing list archive at Nabble.com.ScrollTop is a function from teh dimensions plugin. I found the (window). scrollTop() works, still curoius why it does not work for functions. This works for me in IE8: (body, html).animate( scrollTop: 0 , slow) Maybe your IF statement is throwing things off?JSON.stringify and JSON.parse not working in IE9? jquery autocomplete get selected item text. One of the projects I recently worked on required me to not just detect how much the user hasIn this quick tutorial, well see how to do all of the above, using plain JavaScript, and for the jQuery addictThe pctScrolled variable then divides the scrollTop variable (amount the use has scrolled) with jquery animate is not working in IE 7.This question already has an answer here: jQuery animate scrollTop not working in IE 7 3 answers Ive got the following code in order to ease a scroll to the top of a page: (document).ready(f. So, I did that. It worked great for positioning the table. However, with this DOCTYPE, document.body. scrollTop in IE reports zero, no matter where the body is scrolled.jQuery. Why does scrollTop not work in firefox? .scrollTop() works ONLY with webkit?-Webkit-scroll bar overflow JQuery scrollTop returns always zero. Why does JavaScript only work after opening developer tools in IE once? How do JavaScript closures work? Add table row in jQuery. How do I check if an element is hidden in jQuery? Setting checked for a checkbox with jQuery?if( newval undefined) . return container.scrollTop() [jQuery] scrollTop not working in IE 6/7 or FF forum.jquery.com.I have used scrollTop many times earlier but does not seem to work this time. I tried all the options like changing jquery version, tried all the way from 1.10 to the latest 3.X version. html, body).animate(. scrollTop: (("companyinfo").first().offset().top) Why prototype.js causing jquery slider to not working in ie 9 and ie8? 0. Translation method does not work. 2. Cant add jquery script. Recommendinternet explorer 8 - jquery scrollTop does not work in IE8. ow.location.hash(hash). scrollTop() This doesnt to anything. Tags: jquery internet-explorer-8 scrolltop.JQuery load() in IE8 POSTGET not working? Is there still a bug in IE8 with jQuery droppables? JQuery IE8 Variable Undefined Error. jQuery scrollTop () does not work in DIV scrolling on mobile browsers, alternatives? I am trying to scroll to a specific location in a scrolling DIV.So this jquery accordion isnt working in IE 8 but works fine in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.


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