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.460 Смит и Вессон Магнум (англ. .Утверждается, что .460 — наиболее мощный патрон, стреляющий пулями со скоростью в 710 м/c, который уступает только старшему брату . 500 Smith and Wesson. 460 SW Magnum Rifle - Code Name "Fire H 3 years ago. by Haus of Guns 3 years ago. How Far Will a . 500 SW Magnum Kill?by xAZAZELx13 6 years ago. Ring of Fire - Smith Wesson .460 Magnu Smith Wesson Model 460xvr. Source Abuse Report.Smithwesson 500 Magnum. Source Abuse Report.

I took some great video of a shooter who had a Smith Wesson .460 Magnum with a short 3 barrel.Ive been hunting with the same rifle since 1979 and I doubt very much it has 100 rounds through it lifetime.I have maybe 500 rounds thru my 5 and thats it. As its velocity was above the .44s, it was also a flatter shooter. In 2003, the nations two biggest handgun makers, Smith Wesson and Ruger, both introduced a bigger better deal.Two years later, Smith produced the .460 in an effort to offer a slightly saner alternative to the . 500. Smith Wesson Model 460 is a large bore five-shot, single-action/double-action revolver by Smith Wesson chambered for the .460 SW Magnum cartridge.

It was designed as a hunting and dangerous game defensive revolver for use in Africa and Alaska. I feel that the 500 is a bit of overkill in the hunting arena, but its one heck of a conversation piece at the range.You might look into one of them and you would save a fortune in ammo costs over either the 460 or 500 ammo. Fits the NEW Smith Wesson .500 and .460 X Frame Stainless Steel NOTE: Does not fit Performance Center models with scope mount machined integral with the barrel. Get behind the big-bore beast slayer, Smith Wessons trail-ready PC 460XVR. By.While the .500 SW Mag was suitable for taking any large and/or dangerous North American game animal, there was a vocal group of shooters who wanted a flatter-shooting cartridge. For any type of Big Game Hunting Smith Wesson has a handgun for the hunt. Check out SW . 460 and .500 Handguns. Dean Grifin. Its like a 45 mag verse a 44. Smith Wesson introduced its huge X-Frame revolver in late 2002, along with the . 500 Smith Wesson cartridge. In 2005 the .460 SW Magnum cartridge appeared in the new Model 460XVR Extreme Velocity Revolver, which was a joint effort between Smith Wesson and Hornady We all grew up hearing the phrase, Faster than a speeding bullet, but not when it is fired from Smith Wessons new Model 460XVR, with the highest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth.SMITH WESSON 500. According to the owners manual, the .460 SW Magnum can also fire the .45 Colt and the .454 Casull. Thats it. No .45 Schofield , no .410 shotgun shell, and no .45 ACP.Any of you ever shoot the Smith and Wesson 500? Smith And Wesson 460 And 5 Ruger 454 Casull 5 Inch Vs A .500 Magnum Lever Action Second To None: Reloading Smith Wesson 460XVR Bone TINCANBANDITs Guns Smith And Wesson 500 Sprin company handily achieved with the 2003 introduction. of the Model 500 in 500 Smith Wesson Magnum (May.smith wesson 460XVR. to heavier bullet weights—upward of 360 grs. Of course, this would be counterproductive to the goal for which the cartridge was envisioned. Model: Smith Wesson 460XVR Performance Center Caliber: .460 Smith Wesson Magnum, .454 Casull and .45 Colt Cylinder capacity: 5 rounds Materials: Steel, baby.460 much like the 500 was not meant to be fired from a short barrel. Over the years I have collected a few unusual guns: Smith Wesson 500, 460, ES, XVR, Stealth Hunter 44 mag, and Beretta M9 Operation Enduring Freedom. I never had the chance to shoot any of them so I decided to sell them. The new Smith Wesson M460 XVR revolver has now been officially introduced. The new five-shot revolver chambered for the powerful . 460 SW Magnum will be a Performance Center item built on the companys X-frame. Firearm Holsters 460 500 Holsters 1911 Holsters MP Holsters MP Shield Find great deals on eBay for smith and wesson holsters and smith and wesson j frame holster. smith and wesson holsters for sale and auction at GunsAmerica. For any type of Big Game Hunting Smith Wesson has a handgun for the hunt. Check out SW . 460 and .500 Handguns. Smith Wesson says that the .

460 SW is the HIGHEST velocity revolver cartridge in the world, firing bulletsSmith Wesson 500 for 50 year old Farm Girl! 50 caliber The largest production handgun made! Smith Wesson .500. This may be the scariest production revolver on the planet, if youre judging by sheer stopping power.Smith Wesson XVR 460 Magnum. Any available statistics for the Smith Wesson Model 500 - Standard Compensator Six-Shot Revolver are showcased in the areas immediately below.Model Variants Model 500 - Base Series Name Model 460XVR - High muzzle velocity model. Model 500 : 10" Lothar-Walther custom German rifle barrel, matte finish stainless steel.[9]. Model 460 : version chambered in .460 SW Magnum.SW 500 variants on manufacturers website. Other variants are available through the Smith Wessons Performance Center. For any type of Big Game Hunting Smith Wesson has a handgun for the hunt. Check out SW . 460 and .500 Handguns. Youtuber xTerminatorEightySeven tests the power of both the .460 and .500 Smith and Wesson revolvers against each other on the range.A Range Comparison Between the .460 SW and the .500 SW Magnum. Welcome To Smith Wesson, Sign In or Register. Search.[CategoryLandingFlashSC460500Holsters]. The Store. Firearm Accessories. 500 inch polished and chromed hammer. . 312 inch chromed smooth target trigger. Interchangeable front sight.Read more. Details. Smith and Wesson Model 500, .500SW Mag. Smith and Wesson 460 and 500 Handguns. Published: 2014/02/21. Channel: NorthAmericanHunting.The basic design of the Model 460 is based on the other X-frame revolver, its counterpart, the Smith Wesson Model 500, a .50 caliber revolver.[2][3]. Note: For additional variants not yet seen in a movie, please look at the discussion page. The Smith Wesson Model 460 is a .45 caliber, double action revolver. It is based on the "X" framed Smith Wesson Model 500, and while mainly used with .460 SW Magnum rounds 500) and then the heaviest rounds which we tested on steel last time, the (395 Gr. . 460 vs. 700 Gr. 500). Firearms Featured: - Smith Wesson Model 460XVR - Smith Wesson Model 500 Performance Center Hunter. Smith And Wesson 500 Magnu My Custom FAQ Title. Smith Wesson 460XVR Revo Cowboybucks gun, huntingRUNNING WITH RIFLES View Sw model 500 bone collect The Smith and Wesson .460 magnum terminating Corbon Hunter 395 Grain Hard Cast or the Smith and Wesson .500 Magnum terminating the Underwood Ammo 700 Grain LFN-GC? In recent years, Smith Wesson has added the Model 500 and 460XVR (both rec-ognized respectively by Shooting Industrys Academy of Excellence as Handgun of the Year). Smith and Wesson 460 and 500 Handguns - YouTube.Smith And Wesson 460 Loads Related Keywords Suggestions 800 x 600 jpeg 115kB. View Details. Smith Wesson 460. Smith and Wesson 460 and 500 Handguns - Smith Wesson Power Trio 500 460 Performance Center Built on the same frame as the Smith Wesson 500, the Model 460XVR (eXtreme Velocity Revolver) has many changes from the Model 500, with a 8.5-inch barrel, a large compensator on the end of the full-lugged barrel, micrometer adjustable rear sights, and a green Hi-Viz front sight SW 500 magnum with box paper work and ammo SW 460 magnum with box paper work and ammo Also comes with s.s. scope rail that can be mounted on eitherCATEGORY Handguns. Manufacturer Smith Wesson. Caliber 500 SW. Action Double / Single Action. Firearm Type Revolver. So if you guys want more Smith Wesson 500 videos, maybe a comparison to another Smith and Wesson 500 round, to say, Smith and Wesson 460, or the 454 Casull, or 58E Desert Eagle, let me know. Smith Wesson 500 Magnum!! So you think I can handle it?Shooting my new Smith Wesson .460 XVR from the Performance Center with the 14" barrel. Shooting standard pressure .45 Colt as well as reduced pressure and standard pressure .454. The .500 SW Magnum was an instant success, but some hunters claimed that its exterior ballistics were less than ideal for long-range hunting, so Smith Wesson answered the call in 2005 with the faster and flatter-shooting . 460 SW Magnum cartridge.Revolvers - Model 460 Smith Wesson Revolvers - Model 500 Smith Wesson Revolvers - Model 586 Smith Wesson Revolvers - Model 625.3 day inspection and return policy on used guns. Payment Types Accepted: Smith wesson 460 vxr. Description: Very Solid Revolver. The Smith Wesson Model 460 is an X-frame, double action revolver chambered in Smith Wessons own .460 SW Magnum cartridge. The entire line of Model 460s are commonly referred to as Model 460 XVR, although the XVR is simply an variant of the Model 460. 460 500 Smith Wesson Magnum vs Steel Thompson Center Arms Encore Pro Hunter Barrel Stock and for-end purchasedOver the years I have collected a few unusual guns: Smith Wesson 500, 460, ES, XVR, Stealth Hunter 44 mag, and Beretta M9 big horn armory, Wyoming, Model 89, Smith Wesson, rifle, lever action, Model 90, 500 SW, 500 Smith Wesson, 460 SW, 460 SmithBig Horn Armory is the designer and manufacturer of the Model 89. It is the first lever action gun specifically designed for the . 500 SW Magnum. The Smith Wesson 460XVR X-treme Velocity Revolvers middle name is Versatility, well in a metaphorical sense, but you get the idea or you will.Smith Wesson manufactures twelve models of this remarkable X-Frame revolver in two calibers starting with the well-known . 500 SW Magnum About: Smith Wesson Emergency Survival Tool Kits Model 500 and 460XVR Kits Are Designed for Emergency Situations Smith Wesson Corp the legendary 154-year old firearms maker, is now offering outdoor enthusiasts two Emergency Survival (ES) Smith Wesson 460 XVR B-C Gap Blast. The power of this B-C gap blast has actually amputated parts of hands of shooters who have advanced their free hand up under the trigger guard to support and steady this relatively heavy (approx. While the .500 SW Magnum offers more power with the heavier bullets, the . 460 SW Magnum offers a flatter trajectory, and more versatility.Click pictures for a larger version. Smith Wessons .460 XVR Magnum Revolver.


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