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When you go through some of the popular JS libraries you might start noticing this peculiar line all over the place.12 thoughts on What does that this in Javascript mean? Understanding the keyword this in JavaScript, and what it is referring to, can be a little complicated at times.Execution context simply means how a function is called. Its important to know that this may be different (refer to something different) each time the function is called. I always wondered what was the purpose of the var keyword, since in JavaScript, you can just use a variable without declaring it.If you are coming from PHP scripting, like I am, you will find this very unusual. Now, if you used var Hoisting No matter where vars are declared in a function, javascript will "hoist" them meaning that they behave as if they were declared at the top of the function.this keyword The this keyword in Java has different meanings, depending on the context it is used. Mostly, the new guard of JavaScript folk dont like to use the new keyword.The object is set up to delegate any properties which havent been explicitly set up to its constructors prototype. That means that we can change the prototype later, and still see the changes in the instance. The this keyword is one of the most widely used and yet confusing keyword in JavaScript. Here, you will learn everything about this keyword.The global scope means in the context of window object. We can optionally call it like window.WhoIsThis(). script>. 2. By creating an instance of the Object (using new keyword).Here, Classes inherit from other classes. In JavaScript, the inheritance is prototype-based. This means that there are no classes. The dollar sign () and the underscore () characters are JavaScript identifiers, which just means that they identify an object in the same way a name would.This is particularly useful in JavaScript since defining fields as private or public is done without the use of the private and public keywords (at least In JavaScript, this just means the object our function belongs to.

Heres the key point: The this keyword is only set each time you run the function, not when you first declare the function. So in the above example, our onclick methods are set to turnRed. How is it possible that thev8Localefunction contains thenativetoken, and what does it mean/do? Tags: javascript function native token keyword.

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