jquery selector not working after load





I have a php script that I call that returns html in a way that it can be directly inserted into a container or the body and just work (E.X. ). After appending this text to a div the selector (pictureFrame > img:first) wont work. This works only if I scroll the screen a little. But it doesnt adding the animation when the page loads. So I tried logging the tiles selector.JavaScript that executes after page load. 1179. Scroll to the top of the page using JavaScript/ jQuery? Im using this selector in a delegated event, which is why Im trying to get it to work as a single selector.1) Jquery On load trigger click event. (cont-1).click() OR 2) CSS Add hide class in second tab

On the first load, and when I click on the sort button, it sort the column, what seems to be like text. When I load