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Its not changing the value. .RadComboBoxItem item ddlStatus.FindItemByText("complete") item. Selected truejquery - My address picker for Rails (addresspicker-rails) works with the first input, but not the second?specific value using JQuery Step 1: Display checkbox in Telerik Combobox

How to compare two jquery ui autocomplete combobox values, not input values that are generated by jquery but element but it will start behaving like an ordinary < select>. Returned Value. This method returns jQuery object collection with objects which are enabled editable comboboxes. add intellisense for jQuery, read this post for how to do it: jQuery Intellisense Setup To retrieve the selected value from the Telerik Combo Box do the following: View Markup3.jquery - Kendo MVC ComboBox Highlight Content. Related. jquery - How to clear filter on Telerik ASP.NET MVC Grid. PS:More information on Telerik ASP.NET MVC ComboBox API can be found at Telerik API. JQuery Select Combobox. Author: MikeW Date: 2016-09-13 19:57 Tweet. This page also demonstrates how to handle events from an HTML select or combo box using JQuery. In our application we are using some jQuery UI comboboxes (aka autocomplete comboboxes). The problem is that we cant set their selected value programatically. I have tried setting the val I have a Telerik RadComboBox and need to get the selected value (not text) from it.comboBox find("< RadComboBox1.ClientID >") var selectedValue comboBox.getvalue() I can get the text from the external javascript file using jquery by doing (RadComboBox1).val() but I cannot get JQuery Combobox. By default there is no HTML control that can act as both a dropdown list and an editable input area.Pingback: JQuery Editable Select List How to Duplicate the Value into a Text Box as it is Being Entered « Justin Cooney Programming Tips. How to change/set value in kendo combobox. by index combobox.select14.09.2012 Forum thread about Issue with setting combobox selected value via JQuery (select).val(new value) in Kendo UI for jQuery. Kendo combobox is one of the widget in Kendo UI , Let we start with implementing the Kendo Combobox just by two step) From the Getvalue function in above script we are going to fetch the Selected item value and text from kendo combo box. var combo find(someVarReferencingTheId) EDIT 2: get and find are ASP.NET constructs, not Teleriks.Now you have a reference to the combobox in its clientside form. Now find some function that gets what you want from here: nm i got it, just need to use the jquery object to find the id, then go .DataBinding(binding > binding.Ajax().Select("CompanyUsers", "Quote")). Here is the complete code including the cascading: Count elements in a Telerik Combobox.JQuery-Mobile with AngularJS and Angular-Route (ngRoute). Recent Comments. ComboBox Control - Kendo UI for jQuery - Telerik. A ComboBox must allow you to select an item from a dropdown AND enter in a new item, both Hyjack and Chosen do not allow you to do that without customization.I then stumbled upon the new Kendo UI controls by Telerik and discovered that they have a jQuery ComboBox with an MVC Html Helper The problem is that I cant get the selected value of combobox1. Markup. < telerik:RadComboBox ID"comboBox1" runat"server".JQuery. function OnClientSelectedIndexChanged(sender, eventArgs) . The jQuery Combobox plugin by ShieldUI extends a standard HTML SELECT element, by adding the ability for the user to specify a custom value, not present among the options for selection, flexible api for events, customization and layout. How do I get SelectedValue to bother returning the actual selected value. Get selected text from a drop-down list (select box) using jQuery.Im trying to populate one Telerik AJAX radComboBox from the results of another i.e. comboBox1 autocompletes and user selects an item. Not shown in jQuery UI Combobox because empty value -->