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USB 2.0 to IDE SATA 2.5 3.5 Hard Drive Converter Cable with Power Adapter - Обзор Нашёл точно такой же адаптер в Китае! Это видео является ответом на вопрос Романа Русинова Unboxing External SATA IDE Hard Drive USB Reader Cable Kit.USB-2 Адаптер Sata/IDE 3.5/IDE 2.5 з блоком живлення. 23 October, 2013. How to connect SATA-disks to a PC using USB -- SATA/IDE adapter. The SATA/IDE-USB Adapter gives you the flexibility of connecting almost any type of drive to your computer via USB. SATA, 3.5-inch IDE, 5.25-inch IDE, and 2.5-inch IDE drives are all supported and can be easily hot-swapped to your system.

The included external power adapter will allow you to Support: IDE enhanced IDE Hard Disk ATA/ATAPI CD-ROM/R/RW/DVD-ROM More IDE to USB Adapter supports 480/1.2/1.5Mbps transfer rateAC power adapter, input voltage: 100-240VCA, 50/60Hz, 0.5A USB to SATA/ IDE cable: used to connect SATA/IDE device to computer with USB port Adapter for connecting IDE and SATA hard disks to a USB port.USB 2.0 high-speed connection. Data rate: up to 480 Mbit/s. Downward compatible to USB 1.1. Hot-plug-and-play. Power supply via the USB port (with 2.5). Bring your old hard drive disk back to life! This USB 3.0 to SATA/IDE converter enables you to connect 2.5"/3.

5" IDE/SATA hard drives to your computer via USB port.Independent Power Switch. On/off Switch for HDD protection, prolong the life of your hard disk. Also, most 2.5" hard drives or SSDs can be power by a single USB connection. Meanwhile, a slim power adapter is included for 3.5" SATA hard drive, and a 4-pin power jumper cable for 3.5" IDE hard drive to ensure enough power is provided. The adapter supports all existing IDE/ATAPI devices such as a CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM and 2.5 and 3.5 IDE and SATA hard drives 3. Connect to the IDE device using USB interface and SATA device too 4. Transfer rate upto 480MBps (USB 2.0 specification), limit depend on the IDE Can support 3 hard disk meanwhile Support USB 2.0 to SATA, Max. transmission speed up to 480MB/sUse your 2.5"/ 3.5" IDE hard drive or SATA hard disk as an additional external hard drive.1 x Power Cable. 1 x AC Adapter. 1 x Manual. 5.62 . Package Includes USB to IDE / SATA cable adapter SATA Data cable AC adapter AC to IDE power converter IDE to SATA and power cable. Instructions on USB To SATA/IDE Adapters Cables. 5 years ago. Saca la informacion de cualquier Disco Duro - Universal Drive Adapter.3 years ago. How to Use Hard Disk as USB Flash Drive [Plug Play]. SATA drive connector for 2.5"/3.5" ATA/SATA hard drive.Recommended Suppliers Factories. USB To SATA Manufacturers.USB To SATA IDE Manufacturers. Sata Power Factory. SATA drive connector for 2.5"/3.5" ATA/SATA hard drive. an no IDE or SATA connector is provided as you just plug it into a drive directly.Advance USB 3.0/2.0 adapter for converting all internal IDE drives and SATA drives into external drives. The USB 3.0 to SATA and IDE 2.5"/3.5" Drive Adapter turns any SATA or IDE hard drive into a convenient external drive.The adapter supports all existing Serial ATA SATA and IDE drives 2.5" or 3.5". - Color: as shown in the pictures. - Material: durable hard plastic, metal and copper wire. - 100 brand new and high quality USB to SATA /IDE 2.5 3.5 Hard Disk HDD Converter Adapter Cable Set - Convenient connection of hard drives 3.5 "and 2.5" without any accessories, CD-ROM, CD burner This USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA drive adapter turns any standard IDE or SATA drive into a convenient external drive.The adapter supports all existing IDE/ATAPI devices such as a CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM and 2.5 and 3.5 IDE and SATA hard drives. Ultimate USB to SATA Hard Drive Adapter, IDE 2.5-in, IDE 3.5-in adapter. This HI-Speed USB 2.0 to Serial ATA (SATA) Drive and IDE (PATA).Compatible with any IDE or SATA drive of any brand or size. 2A AC power supply ensures power for the most power-hungry devices. Previous: NewFree shipping: Mini USB 5 Pin Female to USB Male Adapter Converter for MP3 wholesale.100 real capacity Iron Man USB flash drive 2.0 memory stick gift 32GB 16GB pend drive pendrive external storage S112 DD. Storage Memory Cards Flash Drives External HD. Software. Peripherals Accessories Peripherals Webcams Mouse Keyboards ProjectorsWhats in the Box. 1 x USB to IDE / SATA cable adapter 1 x SATA Data cable 1 x AC adapter 1 x AC to IDE power converter 1 xIDE to SATA power cable. Docking Stations Hard Drive Accessories Hard Drive Converters Hard Drive Enclosures 2.5" 3.5 MSATA USB Docks USB Hard Drive Adapters Networking USB Hubs USB 2.0 USB 3.0 USB Type C VideoThe USB 3.0 to SATA/IDE Hard Drive adapter enables you to transfer files up to 5 Gbps! Home > Computer Peripheral > Other Storage > HDD Adapter > ORICO 2.5 3. 5inch SATA IDE Hard Drive Adapter with USB3.0 cable - Black (U3TIS). SATA/PATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter Converter Cable for Hard Drive Disk 2.5" 3.5" 11.49. Time Left: 2 days, 11 hours, 47 minutes and 53 seconds Drive Cables Adapters - La Puente,CA,USA. The USB3SSATAIDE USB 3.0 to IDE/SATA Adapter Cable connects any standard 2.5in or 3.5in SATA or IDE hard drive to a computer through an available USB 3.0 Port (Backward compatible with USB 2.0). Get All Your Drives Active Combo: Ugreen USB 3.0 to SATA IDE Converter allows you to connect 2.5"/3.5" IDE/SATA hard disks through USB port to the computer.It has a SATA II connector and two IDE connectors (40pin and 44pin). Access to 3 Drives Simultaneously: This usb sata adapter USB 2.0 to SATA IDE hard drive adapter converter w/AC cable. SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter Cable X 1.

SATA Power Adapter Cable X 1. Suitable for USB 1.1 or USB 2.0, supports 480m data transfer rate. Business Directory» Computer Hardware» Sata Hard Drive. We are offering usb 2.0 to sata ide adapter.for 2.5 3.5 hard drives. model : usi-2535 hi-speed usb 2.0 to sata or ide interface (up to 480mbps) supports 2.5 and 3.5 sata drive (ssd or hdd) sata drive hot-swap capability supports Versatile adapter, supports both 2.5/3.5 inches SATA, and IDE hard drives. A true plug-and-play solution for adding cost-effective external storage, or overcoming incompatibility between all hard drives and USB enabled motherboards that may not be SATA or IDE -equipped. USB 3.0 to SATA IDE Adapter that lets you easily attach an external SATA or IDE hard drive and instantly access the drive from your PC thru the USB port. DevHackMod Channel - Unboxing External SATA IDE Hard Drive USB Reader Cable Kit. worldstart - Instructions on USB To SATA/IDE Adapters Cables. GeekOnDaily - How to Use Hard Disk as USB Flash Drive [Plug Play]. Packing List: 1 x Hard Drive Adapter, 1 x SATA Data Cable, 1 x SATA Power Cable, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x Power Cable, 1 x Soft CD, 1 x Manual in EnglishPros: Works fine with 2.5 inch/3.5 inch IDE/SATA drives. has all the connection cables ( SATA, Power convertion, Mains power supply etc. Select Category Drivers Manual. Download details. USB 2.0 to IDE SATA 2.5 3.5 Hard Drive Converter Cable driver(cl027). USB to SATA IDE 2 5 3 5 Hard Drive Adapter Power. [What We Offer] SATA/IDE to USB 3.0 Adapter Hard Drive Cable x1, 12V 2A Power Adapter x1, 4PIN Power Cable x1 2-year warranty quality guarantee, 24h-friendly customer service and email support. The adapter supports all existing Serial ATA (SATA) drives or IDE (PATA) ATA-66/ATA-100/ATA-133 drives. Components USB to SATA/IDE cable: connect SATA/IDE device to computer with USB port. Power with 12v and 5v double channel. SATA 22 (7 15) pin to USB 3.0 USB 2.0 data power cable is for 2.5 inch hard disk drive, you can easily cahnge a 2.5" SATA HDD/ SSD to portable drive with this adapter cable.USB 2.0 to SATA IDE 2.5 3.5 External Adapter Transfer Cable Kit DVD Hard Disk BP. 9.99. USB 2.0 to IDE / SATA Hard Drive Cable Power Adapter - Black(EU Plug). RUB620,18 RUB763,59.Cwxuan Micro USB to USB Flash Drive OTG Adapters - Black (2PCS). USB 2.0 TO IDE/SATA Adapter.SATA II (Serial ATA II) Version 1.0a Compliant. Dual-Head IDE Connector (40pin and 44pin) plus one SATA II Connector. 7.99 USD. IDE and SATA devices easy to connect, easy to carrySpecifications:Type: USB cableInterface type: SATA, IDE USB2.0Chip: JM20337 (7 7) Wire material: copperWire length: 60CMProduct size: 60 40 15mmProduct weight: 234.4gAppropriate equipment: hard drives 18cm USB2.0 IDE to Serial ATA SATA HDD Hard Drive Power Adapter Cable Cord Futural Digital Drop Shipping JUN30 12.51 RUR Похожее. Specifications: Type: USB cable Interface type: SATA, IDE USB2.0 Chip: JM20337 (7 7) Wire material: copper Wire length: 60CM Product size: 60 40 15mm Product weight: 234.4g Appropriate equipment: hard drives, optical drives Working current: 1.5A Plug1X AC to IDE power converter. , Unboxing 3-in-1 SATA/IDE 2.5" 3.5" Hard Drive Backup Adapter USB 2016.ADAPTER HDD 2,5" NA 3,5" UMOLIWIAJCY SZYBKIE PODACZENIE DYSKU TWARDEGO Z NOTBOOKA DO KOMPUTERA STACJONARNEGO Parametry : Fabrycznie nowy, wysokiej jakoci adapter HDD 2,5 Bus Type USB 2.0. OS Required Apple MacOS Linux Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits) Windows 8 (32/64 bits). Type power adapter. Buy USB 3.0 Hard Drive to USB Converter, FIDECO IDE SATA to USB 3.0 SATA to IDE Adapter All-in-One IDE SATA to USB External Cable for 2.5/3.5 inch IDE/ SATA HDD SDD, 5.25 inch CD/DVD ROM and More: Hard Drive Enclosures - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. USB 3.0 2.5 / 3.5 Inch SATA Horizontal Hard Drive Disk Docking Station. 24.66.888U2 High-Speed USB 2.0 to SATA HDD Converter Adapter HD Hard Drive Backup Copy Clone. USB IDE SATA Adapter Hard Drive SATA to USB 3.0 DATA Transfer Converter for 2.5/3.5/5.25 Optical Drive HDD SSD US/EU. And why not demonstrate by connecting to actual hard-disk rather than just play with wires, unbox and box them back. Khadija Khadija: ps2.Review CablesToGo USB 2.0 IDE or SATA Drive Adapter. How to use laptop/desktop hard disk as external hard drive or connect sata to usb port Fitting for 2.5" IDE or SATA hard drives Hard Drive capacity support up to 1 TB USB2.0 data transfer rate up to 480Mbps USB bus-powered Works with both PC and MAC Plug and Play LED indicator Tags: Usb 2.0 To Ide Sata Converter Cables Three Used 2.5/3.5 Hard Drive Hd Hdd Adapter Connector Uk Electronic Accessories | View larger image. USB Adapter for SATA and IDE hard drivesWorks with Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid-State Drives (SSD)The 2-in-1 adapters lets you connect one hard drive at a time or a SATA and an IDE hard This compact and lightweight USB 3.0 to SATA IDE Adapter which allows user to connect SATA /IDE HDD devices to computer via USB port.Turning any SATA or IDE drive into a convenient external drive. It supports 2.5" and 3.5" SATA hard drive (SSD or HDD).


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