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Hey guys, at least 35 of people using the Mtn BB10 data plan thinks it has been blocked, but no, it hasnt at all. People complained of sending "Bblited" to 21600 but dont get a response or that they dial certain code and get system error message. MTN BB10 Plan is very hard to activate this. day with the old subscription codes.purpose, but note that BB10 MIDI plans are. more stable, with more data cap and its browsing speed faster. than BB10 MINI and your BB10 MIDI plans. Below are the data plans for BB10 and the various activation codes. BlackBerry 10 Plans. Service Validity. Inclusive Data. Price. Activation Code (SMS). BB10 Maxi. Monthly. 1.5GB. N3,000. Text BBMAXIM to 21600. Weekly. 350MB.

N1,100. Text BBMAXIW to 21600. Daily. 50MB. N200. MTN Blackberry Data Plan. Blackberry has long been divided into two categories, the regular Blackberry (that is the bolds, the curves etc) and the Blackberry 10 OS.MTN Blackberry 10 PLANS.

MTN Data Subscription, MTN Data Plan, MTN Ghana Data Bundle Subscription Code, MTN Data Prices in GhanaYou now have just seven MTN Data Plan to choose from. There are cheap browsing plans for entry-level users and mobile phone browsing as well as browsing bundles for 6.4 latest Mtn data plans 2017 (BB10 MIDI Internet Data Plans).They are affordable and makes updating your social media profiles easier and cheap. It is for low data consumers. Weekly WhatsApp Plan: Text WAW to 131 to enjoy WhatsApp for 7 days at N25 Naira. MTN Data Plans. Choosing a Mobile data plan has never been this simple. Simply select from our rich bouquet of flexible and affordable data bundle plans below. Not sure of your data usage or the data to buy? Ads. Browse and download cheaper on MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel with these data plans and tweaks for 2016. Although network providers are not so often in releasing new cheaper plans, we have reviewed the best and working plans especially suitable for heavy downloaders. I know I still have some doubting Thomas in the house and believe you me, I dont post what I havent verified working. Airtel data no longer zap as usual its been adjusted 1,500 for 4GB. I used mine for 7weeks. The other day, I made a post on cheap Data Plans for Mtn and Etisalat. Get the best cheapest data plans in Nigeria for Browsing | Airtel, Glo, MTN, Etisalat or 9Mobile, Ntel etc Android, Windows, PC, iOS, MiFi Modems ». To subscribe to any MTN Blackberry Data Plan, you need to know the BB Plan and Subscription Code (including MTN Blackberry 10 data plans).List of MTN Blackberry Data Plans and Subscription Codes. MTN Weekly Data Plan This MTN Data plan lasts for 7 days. It can be used on any device. Below is the activation/ subscription code.MTN Monthly Data Plan Do you need cheap MTN data plan that will last for a month? These are the codes to activate some of the plans. We thank God as we made it through the the month of November to the month of December and count down to 2016. As an internet user in Nigeria, there are cheap or affordable internet service for us especially from mtn and etisalat network which since last year offered us cheap Internet with their dataplans.Here are MTN cheapest data plans for January 2018, these plans have been listed accordingly. Check the cheap MTN plans out and lets know what you think about them. You can use MTN Night Plan during the day by following the two methods explained below, both methods have been tested by me, so on BS. Check: MTN Data Plans, with Subscription Codes and Price. Enjoy 1.5GB for N1000 or New 7GB for N2000 and much more.Enjoy cheap mtn data plan by dialing 131. You can now use code 123 to activate or enjoy almost all mtn Nigeria data plan services. Simply dial 131 on your mobile phone or modem to buy data. Search. Home » » Unlabelled » MTN Unlimited Browsing With MTN BB10 Plan.Best Cheapest Data Plan For 2016. One of the most suitable features about smartphones is for the fact that you can conveniently connect to the internet and surf without you Cheapest mtn data plans: activate with subscription code price/charges. Good news everyone, MTN has just introduced a new set of internet data packages cheaper than what we are used to. Below Are The Revamped Cheap MTN Data Plans, Validity Period and Their Cost. Daily Subscription.MTN 22GB for N10,000 (Valid for 30 days) SMS 117 to 131. Data Plan For All Mifi Users (3Months). MTN get 500mb? Re: Cheap MTN Data Plan by danizy(m): 9:11am On Nov 05, 2015. all these fvcking bitches that always parade themselves in the name of data dealer on a flat rate bcarefull and wise oo/i hate to see dis post. MTN BB10 Plan is very hard to activate this day with the old subscription codes. Lots of you guys might have tried to activate the plan, but you always got failed error message, possibly its as a result of their system upgrade while you might have thought that MTN had cancelled the BB10 plan. For those using the mtn bb10 plan, you might have noticed that the USSD codes to subscribe are no more working.The mtn family double data bonus actually gives you double the data you purchase for the same amount, which means if you buy the 1.5gb da MTN BB10 Plan is very hard to activate this day with the old subscription codes.One of them which is MTN also take the leads by offering new cheap data plans and also have MTN Data Plan 2018 - Looking for affordable mtn android data plan for any tech gadget at all?GREAT. On the cheapest 1gig MTN DATA SUBSCRIPTION at 700, you can contact 09035639752 or 080396-22048 for that. Happy new month to all our beloved readers. We welcome you to the new Month with best and affordable data plans on MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and ETISALAT Networks. Today, being 1st of June, 2016. You will get to see most of the data plans that can go a long way in whatever you are using it for. just that MTN recently updated the BB10 plans subscription codes, but the price is still the same.Related Posts. Cheapest tariff for calls and sms in Nigeria.Samuel Oyegoke April 4, 2016. Get mtn 17.5gb for 2000 Wow Weekend Free Data Bonus. Pls can u give me code for bb10 monthly plan. The cheap 1 pls. Thanks. LoadingI dont Mtn allows multiple data plan subscription at the same time. It wont work. But you give it a try. MTN BB10 LITE Plan are the alternative bundle for the PC and Android device users to enjoying streaming and unlimited downloading via VPN. NOTE: The Data plan is still working very fine on PC and Android devices If you searching for a cheap MTN data plan, you finally got yourself a good deal from MTN 500 deal zone where you can get 700MB for 500 naira, 1.3GB for 1000 naira and 3.75GB for 2000 naira. Mtn weekly data plan. If the fun ended too quickly form the 24hrs experience and youre still not ready for committing to a whole months subscription just yet, you could try out the 750MB plan at N500 for a week by texting 103 to 131. BB10 MINI Package: This plan is the cheapest of all MTNs BlackBerry 10 packages, but it also comes with relatively small data volumes.MTN Data Plan For Android: How To Subscribe On Different Bundle And Other Information. Both MTN 10 MB and 150 MB were given the same 104 code that cannot be right. MTN night/plan gives 4.5 GB, not 3GB.How can we enjoy mtn data on Android phone at cheaper rate. pls explain better with access code. MTN Nigeria, the giant telecommunication network in Nigeria data plans bundle for BlackBerry 10 devices. See also.The data plans are BB10 lite , BB10 MiDi and the BB10 Maxi. While MTN data plan is one of the high-priced data services, glo data plans have proved to be one of the cheapest in Nigeria. MTN Nigeria is Africas leading cellular telecommunications company. On May 16th, 2001 MTN BB10 LITE Plan are the alternative bundle for the PC and Android device users to enjoying streaming and unlimited downloading via VPN.

Cheap Whatsapp Data Bundle, Subscription Code and Prices For Airtel, Glo, Etisalat and MTN. MTN data plan for Blackberry, Android, all devices, Night weekend etc.Recently MTN revised their data plans and also introduced new data plans to give you more flexibility and more value for your money. b) MTN BB Absolute Data Plan. 1) 100MB Weekly Plan This Blackberry plan gives you data access up to 100MB for just 100 Naira only.There are cheaper data plans on mtn. But come to think of it, wont it be even better to use their unlimited data plans? Buy the cheapest MTN Data plans from us: N600 For 1GB, 2GB for N1,200 and more. In a bid to make internet affordable and available for everyone, we are happy to announce to you that you can now buy the cheapest MTN Dat MTN BB10 plans are the best unlimited cheapest data plan that we have been using for long, all of our sure VPNs are now tracked down by MTN, unlimited surfing with affordable price are not easy for now. Mtn Data Plans are internet packages that gives users internet access. In terms of pricing , Etisalat Data Plan is one of the cheapest in Nigeria , while MTN Data Plan is one of the most expensive in the country. 9.2 BB Absolute internet plan. 9.3 MTN BlackBerry 10 Data Bundles. 9.4 BB 10 MIDI.Simply text 104 to 131. This Amazing MTN data plan is for Light data subscribers who rely on cheap tariffs to get the job done. 100MB FOR N200. Keep rolling and enjoying MTN BB10 LITE Plan on your PC and Android device.The former Airtel hourly base Night plan has been one of the best data plans which we really enjoyed for unlimited download, but I don Mtn Data Plan are internet packages that gives users internet access. Like i promised my readers, i will ALWAYS stick to the truth, MTN Data Plan is one of the most expensive in the country, whereas the Glo data plan and Etisalat Data Plan are the cheapest in Nigeria. How to subscribe for MTN Monthly Plans for Andriod. Data Price Validity Code.22GB N10,000 30 Days Text 117 to 131. READ ALSO: How to renew MTN 500mb for N25 night plan. MTN Data Bundles Activation Codes. Hope youve confirmed that you are truly out of an mtn data package? You may proceed now. Below is a list of current mtn Data Plan and prices. Daily: 24 Hour Plans. Ideal for mobile browsing. These are mtns cheapest data plans Below are the 3 MTN Blackberry 10 data plans with their monthly, weekly and daily subscription codes, cost and data caps. 1. BB 10 MAXI Plans. > The monthly subscription for this plan offers subscribers 1.5GB at N3000 and you can always subscribe to this plan by texting the code BBMAXIM Looking for the Cheapest Mtn Data Bundle Plans for 2018? Then you are in the right place. So today, I will be sharing with you the cheapest MTN Data bundle that will work on Android Smartphones, Blackberry Smartphones, iPad, iPhones, Windows or PC System. You now have just seven MTN Data Plan to choose from. There are cheap browsing plans for entry level users and mobile phone browsing as well as browsing bundles for medium data and high data users. MTN Data Plans, Bundles and Subscription Codes. MTN Nigeria is one of the foremost internet service providers in the country.This is one of the cheapest 10GB youll probably find in the country. if you want to activate this plan, you just need to text 116 to 131. For those of us using Blackberry smartphones with MTN, here is a new List Of the Cheapest MTN Blackberry Plans To Use Now with their various Bundle/Data Caps and their USSD / Shortcodes for activating.


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