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Apple announced two new iPhones today, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. With this addition, Apple also stated that the iPhone 5C will be replacing the iPhone 5, which will no longer be sold anywhere. After hearing this, the first thing that we wanted to look at was a comparison chart for the changes in This is a camera comparison of the iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 5c vs. iPhone 5s. In September, Apple introduced the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c devices to replace the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5s features a new sensor that increases the area available for pixels by 15 percent If you are buying a new iPhone, then you must be aware that there are three iPhone models available in Apples 2013 iPhone line, recently launched iPhone 5 S which is a high end device with a faster hardware, less expensive iPhone 5C and iPhone 4S available for 0 on contract. We compare the Apple iPhone 5c vs iPhone 5s, putting their specs and benchmarks side by side including screen, cpu, gpu, camera, battery life and more.iPhone 5c Apple. clock speed. Today, Apple has unveiled their new Apple iPhone, that is iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. TheVerge blogged lively from the spot the event took place. People around the world had a good time with Apples live iPhone event. Just like for iPhone 5C, Apple has also designed its own cases for iPhone 5S.There is little doubt that iPhone 5S is the most advanced smartphone on the market, and its camera capabilities have been considerably improved in comparison to iPhone 5 and 4S. Comparison: side by side, pros and cons and the differences between Apple iPhone 5S 64GB vs Apple iPhone 5C 32GB phones. Which is the best phone? Published on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 11:16 PM - Updated on 9/22/2017 4:21 PM. Processor Comparison. Apple iPhone 5S incorporates the state of the art A7 dual-core processing unit, clocked at top 1.3GHz speed.

In comparison, the iPhone 5C comes equipped with a lower A6 dual-core processing unit, set to run at a similar 1.3GHz speed. This is a comparison specs of Apple iPhone 5c and Apple iPhone 5S. We compare the full specs of these such as general, display, design, platform, camera, feature, connectivity, audio, video, battery and other technologies. Comparison of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Hardware aside, buyers need to consider other features in both seventh-generation iPhones. For the first time, Apple has produced models in colors other than white and black.

iPhone 5c vs iPhone 5s comparison. The iPhone 5s, Apples flagship smartphone sports interesting new features like a fingerprint identity sensor, a faster 64-bit A7 chip, a better rear-facing camera, and faster 4G LTE wireless speeds. Apples new iPhone 5S and 5C and last years iPhone 5 are alike in many ways.The 5S offers a fingerprint sensor, a better camera and a faster processor, while the iPhone 5C is largely last years iPhone 5 with a plastic back and a choice of five colors. Apples upcoming iPhone 5S is expected to feature an upgraded 64-bit processor,, fingerprint sensor and improved camera along with dual LED for better low-light picturing, and thats reflected in this rear shell leak. Compare iPhone models. See all models. Use the drop-down menus to change models.A9 chip. Apple Footer. The high-gloss finish of the jet black iPhone 7 is achieved through a precision nine-step anodization and polishing process. Everyone wins whenever Apple announces a new device. The Apple loyalists get to obsess over a new thing the people who feel the need to counter the passion of Apple fans get to bash every last detail of the device and the rest of us can enjoy it for what it is, whether we ever own it or not. Apple iPhone 5s specs compared to Apple iPhone 5c. Detailed up-do-date specifications shown side by side.Apple iPhone 5s. Review. Specifications. Popular comparisons. Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone 8 Plus.Recent Articles. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 rumor review: Specs, design, features, price and release date. Whats in my bag for MWC 2018? Terms of use. Finally, the rumors can be put to rest — Apple has officially announced the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.So how does the iPhone 5S compare to the 5C? SoC and storage. Like it did with the iPhone 4S, Apple is debuting a new SoC with the 5S. Apple iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C In the smartphone world, there are few events that catch everyones attention.Filed Under: Smart Phones Tagged With: Apple iPhone 5C, Apple iPhone 5C Comparison, Apple iPhone 5C Review, Apple iPhone 5S, Apple iPhone 5S Comparison, Apple Apple is holding an event on September 10th to announce the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The 5S will be the successor to the iPhone 5, while the 5C will have a lower price and come in various bright colors. Product comparison of Apple iPhone 5s vs Apple iPhone 5c on Pricebaba. A complete comparison with photos, price, specifications and shopping research.RAM of Apple iPhone 5s is the same as Apple iPhone 5c. We have compared Apple iPhone 5S and 5C iOS 7 powered latest smartphone. Check iPhone 5C vs 5S specs, features comparison. Apple were forced to introduce iPhone 5 successor this year itself and not one but two successor phones are unveiled in the worldwide market. The all new iPhone 5C is the one youve never seen before, or held it as stated by Apple.To get a better idea about whats new in the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and how these differ from the iPhone 5 checkout the specs comparison table below. Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. (iPhone 5c Colors). The iPhone 5c also is a bit thicker and heavier than the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.Comparison Chart. These differences -- materials, biometrics, cameras, identifiers, battery life, connectivity, processor, and storage -- along with pricing information are Apple is launching two new iPhones, the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s, and the big question for many is going to be which is worth their hard-earned clams. Both present attractive packages, as detailed in our reviews, but is there a strong reason to choose one over the other? Apple iPhone 5Remove from comparison.Top specs and features. Apple iPhone 5 vs Apple iPhone 5C: 121 facts in comparison. 1. battery power. See also: Apple iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5 comparison review: Whats the plastic iPhone 5C got?The iPhone 5S also has what Apple calls an M7 motion coprocessor, a feature that the iPhone 5C lacks. In summary, Apple iPhone 5C is like the iPhone 5 in a plastic body.Paschal Okafor is NaijaTechGuide Team Lead. The article Apple iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5 Comparison was written by Paschal Okafor. However, since them iPhone 4 has been discontinued in favor of the new models of the iPhone. Comparison between iPhone 5C and iPhone 4: The information for the detailed table about the two phones has been taken from the Apple website and Cupertinos most famous resident has graced us with two new handsets but how do Apples iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C stack up?If youre a firm fanboy, you might also want to check out our iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 spec comparison. How is the iPhone 5S compared to 5, 5C, and iPhone 6 rumors? Some people even desire a iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S4 matchup. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, yesterday the Apple Launch Event Our in-depth comparison of Apples two handsets.The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C might have been launched at the same time, but theyre very different beasts in terms of design, spec and, perhaps most importantly, cost. Apple iPhone 5c review. By Katie Collins. 24 Sep 2013.In a selfie comparison shot with the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5c really proves its capable of capturing a fine portrait of editor Nate Lanxon. Apple announced the entry of two new smartphones iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 C while winding up and dropping the sales of iPhone 5.Heres a spec sheet comparison between iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5 that might help Apple finally launched the much awaited iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on 10th Sep, 2013. Are you curious to know the difference between these two phones? - related comparisons. Compare Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime vs. Apple iPhone 5 S. Compare Lenovo P70 vs. Sony Xperia Z2a vs. Htc One M8 vs. Apple iPhone 5S. Apple iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C Spec Comparison Review ATTiPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C: how the specs compare | Apple 590 x 330 jpeg 38kB. iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Design Comparison Gallery - A performance comparison between Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Apple released two new iPhones to market few weeks ago, the new flag ship model 5S and the cheaper 5C model. Iphone 5c vs 4s performance benchmarks this is sponsored by vodafone united kingdom buy it from here iphone 5c vs 4s [] Apple Iphone 4s Vs Apple Iphone 5c De Ed Review Test.Check out iphone 4s vs iphone 5s [] Every Iphone Comparison.

Apples current iPhone line-up includes the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, both unveiled during an even in September 2013.We explore the differences and similarities between the two smartphones in our iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c comparison review to help you decide which one to buy. Both handsets share similar specifications, although the iPhone 5S has Apples latest hardware inside.The iPhone 5S has been replaced by the iPhone SE, have a look at our comparison of the iPhone 5S vs iPhone SE. Source Apple. Apple IPhone 5S vs Apple IPhone 5C is a latest discussion that people have when it comes to buying a new smartphone.This smartphone a bigger battery in comparison to iPhone 5. Furthermore, it is powered by Apple A6x chipset (dual core). iPhone SE VS iPhone 5s Comparison in Specs, Features, Prices.Touch ID: And if you know the iPhone 5c, youll know that it doesnt have Touch ID, Apples fingerprint sensor that sits beneath the home button on the iPhone 5s and later. Apple iPhone 5s vs 5c Comparison w/Features. By John Rampton.Apples newly released devices have taken the media and consumers by surprise. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are Apples new 2013 devices and each offer a different smartphone approach. Gallery Photo: Gold iPhone 5s. iPhone buyers have never had it this good. With two similar and competitive iPhones about to hit stores, the options areApple Pay allows you to pay at the counter with your iPhone 6. iPhone 5s and 5c: comparing Apples latest against the best phones out there. To help prospective shoppers out, Apple has thrown up a comparison chart of the three models, and since were scarcely acquainted with the iPhone 5s or 5c ourselves, well gather a better view on how they stand up against each other. IPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c. Apple iPhone 5s is the new flagship phone but how does it compare to the cheaper iPhone 5C? Here is our first head to head specs Apple unveiled two new iPhones at its media event yesterday, the next generation iPhone 5s and the colorful iPhone 5c.In this post, we compare the tech specs, features and pricing of Apples new iPhone product lineup. There are two new flagship devices launched by Apple in India Apple iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.In this post I am going to post comparison between basic features of iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s Mobile Phones. Apple finally launched the much awaited iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on 10th Sep, 2013. Are you curious to know the difference between these two phones?


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