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If yes, try to switch off this feature and compare the results. As for Facebook, try to reinstall the app.during 9 hours battery was drained from 100 to 30! With 9.3.1 all was working fantastic on my iPhone 6s, this update is disaster. Its now been discovered through a series of tests that uninstalling the Facebook app from your iPhone could potentially save up to 15-percent of battery life. Those figures are based on entirely removing the native app downloaded from the App Store Tech entrepreneur Matt Gilligan first brought the issue to the publics eye in a post on Medium, saying Facebook was draining more battery life than any other app on his new iPhone 6s thanks to extraneous "background activity" — a total of 15 per cent over a weeks use. Facebook admits its iOS 9 app is iPhone battery drain as it retrieves data in the background. You should be able to see what apps have been draining your iPhones battery life over the last 24 hours, as well as another period of time (usually seven days).This one will be good for both your battery life and your cellular data. Facebook and Twitter are notorious for allowing videos to play The discovery comes a week after Facebooks Android app was caught draining significant amount of battery. Facebook didnt expand on when the mobile app will be fixed, but the company releases constant updates for its mobile apps. A permanent fix to Facebook-related battery drain might be removing the app from the iPhone, especially from older models, and. Deleting Your Facebook App on Android Could Save You 20 Battery Time.Visiting Facebook in the Safari Browser will Save 15 of your iPhone Battery. Mr. Gibbs decided to run a semi-scientific two-week study on his own iPhone 6S Plus. At 15, Facebooks app caused more battery depletion than any other app on Galligans device during the course of a week, according to the start-up chief.iPhone 6s Release Date: Specs, Pricing and How to Get a New iPhone 6s This WeekendSept. The Facebook app is infamous for draining your battery, always running in the background, and causing general havoc.

Even shipping off Messenger to a different app didnt help. My iPhone 5 runs pretty smoothly. Though Facebook has been trying to address power usage concerns through software updates, its main iOS app is still a drain on the iPhones daily battery life, a report claimed on Monday. During informal testing, an iPhone 6s Plus saw an average of 15 percent more life with the app uninstalled [] realfinkployd 0 очков1 очко2 очка 1 месяц назад (0 дочерних ветвей). Im not sure there is much you can do that is actually worse than leaving Facebook open. Removing that app had a major effect on my iPhone 6s battery. Its not totally clear why the Facebook app is such an energy hog. The social network has been criticized in the past for finding bogus ways to keep the app running in theFacebook Iphone Battery Life Android Battery Life Facebook Drains Phone Battery Facebook App Drains Battery. Testing reveals Facebook iOS app drains battery life, even when it isnt being used, and that using Safari instead will make an iPhone last longer. With the app uninstalled, he accessed Facebook through Safari for all his needs. At the end of the testing period, Gibbs noted that his iPhone 6s Plus had at an average 15 percent of more battery left with the Facebook app uninstalled. App on iPhone fixes long periods of background activity, although the settings background updates disabled.This is not the first case when the Facebook app users complain about fast battery drain. After you identify those apps which fail to sleep when they are not in use, you can take some measures: If disabling Facebook can extend iPhone 6 battery life and stop battery drain, then disable Facebook. This method also workable to improve iPhone 8 battery life Testing reveals Facebook iOS app drains battery life, even when it isnt being used, and that using Safari instead will make an iPhone last longer.

Facebook is one of the most downloaded apps on iOS but it has long beencited as a cause of fast-draining iPhone batteries. You can improve your iPhones battery life right now by doing something that will take you literally five seconds: delete the Facebook app. Your iPhone 6s battery life could depend on it, and if you have the iPhone 6 According to The Guardians technology reporter Samuel Gibbs, uninstalling Facebooks battery draining iOS app and accessing the mobile Facebook interface through the Safari browser can boost an iPhone 6s Pluss battery life by as much as fifteen percent. Gibbs tested the effects on the battery using the installed app and using Facebook mobile via Safari on the iPhone 6S Plus.Although Gibbs didnt test an iPhone 6 Gibbs speculates getting rid of the Facebook app should more or less have the same results. Facebook could be eating through your iPhones battery life.Last week Express.co.uk reported that the app was affecting Android devices by eating into battery life and causing the phones to run at slower speeds. Circa cofounder Matt Galligan wrote on Medium that the Facebook app on his iPhone 6s Plus accounted for 15 of battery drain, compared to just 3 by Safari, which is often active on the screen for half an hour or more. iPhone iPod touch. Facebook app is draining your iPhones battery. 26. November 2013 Sebastian Dvel 128 Kommentare. The last few weeks my beloved iPhone 4S lost battery extremely fast. Not getting the battery life you expect on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? Find out which apps are to blame!Either way, Facebook.app has been bad for battery life for years, so here are some things you can do to check on it, and other apps, and take back some control. Today went down to replace iPhone 6 original battery lcd screen.After 4 years, my iPhone 6 battery is dying.A bug relating to the date has caused some iOS 11.1.2 users to experience some app crash. When it comes to the most popular iPhone apps, Facebook Messenger certainly is one of them. It usually works without any issues. However, some users have reported the problem with the battery drain on iPhone 6, caused by this particular app. Users who have installed Facebook on their iPhones have reported that the Facebook app is consuming around 15 percent of their iPhone battery. Here is how to check the battery usage of specific iPhone apps installed on your phone. See which iPhone apps are draining your battery. Checking to see how Furthermore, in order to resolve the iPhone 6s battery problems related to fast drainage, you should turn off the background app feature.

iPhone Facebook Problem. iPhone Sound Problems. Gibbs relates how he uninstalled the app on his iPhone 6s Plus and recorded its battery life at the same time each day for a week, comparing the numbers to a daily average taken from a week with the app installed. The writer accessed Facebooks site through Safari for the same amount of time and Not only did removing the Facebook app from his iPhone conserve more battery life, it also gave him a chunk of storage back Gibbs says he regained about 500MB (111MB for the app and the rest from the apps cached data). Most iPhone users who have updated their devices to Apples latest operating system, iOS 9, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 must be wondering why their phone battery life dies quickly despite running on the latest firmware. Samuel Gibbs, a writer for The Guardian, recently supplied some anecdotal proof: He discovered that deleting the Facebook app can improve iPhone battery life by up to 15 percent. His result after a week of using the Facebook app and a second week without it If your iPhone battery struggles to make it through a full day, and you dont want to add an ugly hump to your device, Guardian tech writer Samuel Gibbs has found that deleting the Facebook app and using Safari instead can boost battery life by up to 15. And Facebook will continue to work toward improving how the app uses iPhone batteries moving forward. Circa co-founder Matt Galligan first raised the issue in a post on Medium earlier in the month. Galligan said that the Facebook app on his iPhone 6s was still running in the background A report has surfaced over the Internet saying the Facebook app on the users iPhone was running in the background, even with background app refresh deactivated. The report said that Facebook seemed to be the culprit of draining the iPhone 6s Plus battery Many users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S have been complaining lately over the short-span battery drain they are experiencing with their handsets even while not using energy hog apps, not the least Facebooks core app. Facebook says its latest iOS app update, rolled out Thursday, deals with a recent complaint from iPhone users that the software was hammering the devices battery even when the app wasnt in use. The apps overly enthusiastic background activity appeared to continue despite users turning off Many iPhone users are complaining that Facebooks mobile app is killing their battery charge even when it runs in the background.If your iPhone battery is running low, you might like to learn how to charge your iPhone in a pocket. While I really enjoy using Facebook on my iPhone or iPad, one major problem that has often haunted me is its fast consumption of battery on my device.Tips to Fix Facebook iPhone App Battery Life Problems. Testing reveals Facebook iOS app drains battery life, even when it isnt being used, and that using Safari instead will make an iPhone last longer. Uninstalling the Facebook app on an iPhone 6S Plus can save up to 15 battery. Ever wondered why the battery of your smart phone runs out too fast? iPhone developer Scotty Loveless used monitoring tools to test Facebook app activity. It was determined that Facebooks iPhone behavior explains batteries woes. Deleting and reinstalling the app is the only way I know of to recapture that storage space. Its also the only solution Ive found to any strange Facebook iPhone battery drain that cant seem to be rectified another way. Uninstalling Facebooks mobile app on the iPhone could save you some serious battery life. Thats the claim from reporter Samuel Gibbs at The Guardian, who removed the app from an iPhone 6s Plus as an experiment. Facebooks iPhone app is consuming large amounts of battery charge even when it is not open, users have complained. Users say the app records long periods of background activity, even when settings such as background refresh are disabled. We compare the battery life on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to the Samsung Galaxy S5, the LG G3, the HTC One M8 and the OnePlus One.For both platforms, we created an app that opens the native Web browser on the phone, and then visits 50 popular web sites in a loop, pausing for 60 For whatever reason Facebooks native app has been destroying my iPhone 6S battery life. Yes background refresh was off. Yes location services were off, but somehow everyday at around 4pm my phone would hit 2030 with very little use throughout the afternoon. Facebook says its latest iOS app update, rolled out Thursday, deals with a recent complaint from iPhone users that the software was hammering the devices battery even when the app wasnt in use. The apps overly enthusiastic background activity appeared to continue despite users turning off Its no secret that Facebook drains a lot of battery on iPhone. If you no longer want the app to consume tons of power on your device, follow these ten best tips and tricks to have perfect control over it.


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