number validation in javascript using isnan





These all return false Number.isNaN(true) Number.isNaN(null) Number. isNaN(37) Number.isNaN(37) Number.isNaN(37.37) Number.isNaN() Number .isNaN( ) Polyfill. The following works because NaN is the only value in javascript which is not equal to itself. Following example shows you to validate a decimal number in javascript as a client side validation.There is an in-built function isNaN() that can use to validate a decimal number in javascript. javascript validation numbers edited Dec 7 16 at 3:57 community wiki 12 revs, 9 users 30 Michael Haren 212 Just a note 99,999 is a valid number in FranceEven better, if thats your reason for not using isNaN() then just wrap your own function around isNaN() that can also do the additional check. The Number.isNan method in JavaScript is used to determines whether the passed value is NaN(Not a Number) and is of the type Number.Form validation using HTML and JavaScript. JavaScript | Auto-filling one field same as other. Use isNaN to check whether a value is number or or not.Related Questions. Javascript validation not to allow numbers like 12121212 or 3434343434. How to validate passport number using javascript ?