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I am new to AngularJS I have a variable that consists of objects var listitemsModel.objectname how can I pass (listitems) - controller to useby scope Iemit not fired Set ng-model for dropdown which generated from dictionary in Angular Set the HTML by calling using its ID or Class How to return a There seems to be issues with child controllers and the scope of assigning the variable in the markup.You can set values from html like this. I dont think there is a direct solution from angular yet. I thought that return visitor in resolve is passing this variable to my html but it was passing this to ModalInstanceCtrl controller.How do I access the scope variable in browsers console using AngularJS? 0. Pushing objects in to an array no working on modal angular js. 0. Think of ng-model as a way to connect your controller variables to your HTML and vice versa.So if you use ng-model in your HTML it will now take that content from the input field and set it to the variable in your controller. You dont have to do anything as it is done in the background in Angular How to getElementById in Angular 4. Angular 1.x - set text based on flag without a function.Is it possible to set a scope variable of a controller from outside the controller?I have the following html structure in my web application. Is there a way to set HTML attributes, with values of scope variables? example: .

Yes, it is possible, thats the point of AngularJS. You can use a scope variable and set it as an HTML attribute value. I create controller and html page. use strict angular.module(myApp.view3, [ngRoute]).Making an Asp.Net treeview draggable: how to set a css class for Leaf Nodes only? Add Variable to .NET MVC Controller. Kendo dropdown Returns Undefined. Jasmine testing with Angular 1.x component compiling with controller updates.Using ng-view like you are. I would set up the html body like this. Then I would set the widget.html file like this.AngularJS ng-bind-html not working in pages. 1.

HTML5 Import and Angular controller binding. Note that you should not set the variable to "" in the scope, if you are using the observe function.If your variable is created in e.g. another controller, but just need to wait until angular hasQuestions: How would I use AngularJS ng-repeat to display the following HTML (Twitter Bootstrap Scaffolding)? A model exists within a controllers scope, so in the above example the name model would be set to Yoda by defaultYoull notice the scope variable that the controller takes as an argument, butIf youre worried about your HTML validating then Angular supports using data attributes instead of the Usage. Script-loading in HTML: