bootstrap image in navbar header





These instructions are valid for the latest released version of the bootstrap-navbar gem. Full example. navbar fixed: :top do navbarheader brand: My great app, brandlink: /homeThe content can alternatively be supplied in a block: navbartext do Current country: imagetext flags/en.jpg. In this tutorial we will learn about navbar in Bootstrap. Simple Navbar. We use navbars to create navigation header for our websites.We can add the brand image by swapping the brand text with an img tag. It appear that both the image and the text in the navbar-brand are wrapping to the next Bootstrap 3 Navbar with Logo. asked by stepanian on 08:12PM - 27 Aug 13. Right now to get this look, I have the Bootstrap jumbotron class div wrapped around the nav whichthe nav code will need to be separate in the header.php file and the jumbotron image only needs to be ondiv class"jumbotron">

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