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Is your iPhone 7 battery draining fast? Do you want to know how can you fix iPhone 7 battery life? If these are your questions and you need the solution then keep reading this post until the end. Not getting the battery life you expect on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad?Now you can see exactly whats using your battery life and how. Note: Facebook has recently been accused of abusing background processes to stay active longer. Find out my best tips for extending the battery life of your iPhone so that you never run out of power when you want to take photos.Free video reveals "How You Too Can Take Perfectly Sharp iPhone Night Photos". Show Me This Video. No, Thanks. To sum it up, to save up your battery life for the long run, you as the user must know whether youre draining your battery twice as much as you normally do. To do this, keep a note how many percent remains on your iPhone X. Give it a rest for 20-40 minutes. iDevice Battery Tips Tricks Close Location Service. iPhone Location service allows your phone to know where you are and give you exact driving directions, give that information to apps that helpAbsolutely, if you also own a MacBook, here is a post about how to extend MacBooks Battery Life. Battery life is the amount of time your battery lasts until it needs to be replaced. About iPhone battery.When you know a little about how they work, they can work that much better for you. Well guide you through what your iPhone battery actually is how you can physically care for it how to make sure your battery lasts longer what to do when experiencing heatThis is the first thing you need to know about battery life: iPhones dont measure their battery lifespans in years but in cycles. Five simple tricks to make your iPhone battery last as long as possible. Todd Haselton | CNBC.Before we get started, though, lets debunk an old tip that you might still be following, and something that may even hurt your battery life. Now that you know how much battery life you should expect and you can track it with the battery percentage indicator, check these 9 tips to help you manage and improve battery life on your shiny new iPhone Stop wondering why your iPhone battery is dying so fast and use these tips to conserve that battery life. If iOS 11 is draining your iPhones battery life, heres how to save it.

Or, if you dont want to make the change, at least you know its contributing to your battery drain. iOS has a lot of features that are consuming your iPhone battery life every second.And not just this, if you dont know how to set up your phone the right way, chances are many other features are running and changing your battery life for the worse. Extend your iPhones battery life with these 9 adjustments to your settings. Share. Tweet.Unless youre getting low on your 3G data, turn your Wi-Fi off or only allow your phone to access trusted networks (places where you know youll want to use it). As we all know that the iPhone X have a 5.8-inches OLED display, it is the biggest screen of iPhone by far. But the iPhone X battery is only 2716 mAh, which is smaller than iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus.Here we will tell you 4 tips on how to improve iPhone X battery life. 2.

Pick up an iPhone 7 battery case. Want to know the easiest way to extend your iPhone 7s battery life?How to Guides battery case, battery life, battery saving mode, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, portable charger, Power Bank. permalink. The ugly truth about your iPhone battery? Its got a lifespan of less than two yearsPerhaps Apple has learned something from the battery life backlash that continues to plague its iconic iPhone.That makes the battery a huge factor in the success of this device and how its received by its audience." IPhone and iPad Apps for the Blind And Visually Impaired Want to know how to maximise the battery life on your iphone: Sometime ago we did an article on 11 ways to conserve your battery with iOS 7 . Those who were running iOS 7 I hope red that existing article and followed some of those steps. Home Tech Geek How to improve your iPhone Battery Life.Following these tricks would also help you to get longer survive hour for your most loving other iOS devices like iPad and iPod. Lets know them. Also, if youre covered under AppleCare, check your iPhone battery health to know when to replace the battery at no charge if its less than 80 percent of new.3. Top iPhone battery health checkers 2018 4. How to Get an iPhone 6/7 battery replacement?3. Battery Life App for iOS. We all know battery life issues on iDevices. A power-thirsty app, an annoying bug, and something similar could kill the battery life in advance.How to Bypass iCloud Activation iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad. Download 25PP iPhone iPad App Without Jailbreak. Apple posted details of its iPad battery replacement service earlier this week. Mind you, the iPad isnt even expected to hit the stores until April 3rd. Perhaps Apple has learned something from the battery life backlash that continues to plague its iconic iPhone. New Atlas offers tips and gadget suggestions so youll never be caught with a dead iPhone. Get to know your battery. Under iOS 10 Settings > Battery, you can view and set preferences about battery life. Learn which apps are most battery-draining and how long your phone actually lasts. Solution 1: Check out How Battery is Consumed on Your iPhone.Head over to this post to know more about it. Solution 2: Hard Reboot Your iPhone. If the first trick didnt yield the desired result and your device battery life hasnt improved, give it a hard reset. When your iPhone battery level falls to 20 iOS 9 prompts you to enter Low Power Mode.Enjoyed this article? Get more tutorials, guides, and tips on how to get the most from your Apple devices inside MacFormat.The banana phone returns: everything you need to know about the Nokia 8110 4G. Here is how to optimize your iPhone and improve iphone battery life given by our experts.Apple has provided tips on how users can maximize iPhone battery life . Most of these tips are already been known for long time. This includes battery problems. iOS 10.2.1, for instance, is known to resolve a known battery/charging issue for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and theever see any info on how to save battery life on the Windows phonebut if you spend 1000 on an iPhone heres some helpful hints lol. Everything you need to know to tweak additional battery life from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Now Playing: Watch this: 3 iPhone battery problems and how to fix them.Got any battery-life tips of your own to share? Hit the comments and impart your wisdom. 10 tips every iPhone 7 owner should know: Get up and running with your new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus with this collection of tips and tricks. The battery charge indicates how long your smartphone will be able to work on one charge.In the past, if you wanted to know the battery status of your iPhone, you had to comeIf you can get used to annoying ads, then Battery Life Doctor will be able to provide you with information on your battery. iPhone batteries are one of those things that no matter how long they last, it isnt going to be long enough.As the poet G.I Joe once said: Knowing is half the battle. One of your best tools against a low battery is your iPhones battery menu. While we already know you can check your Apple Watchs battery life on your iPhone, what about the other way around?How to enable Power on your Apple Watch so you can monitor iPhone battery life at a glance. How To: Get Detailed Battery Usage Stats for Individual Apps on Your iPhone. How To: Check Your iPhones Battery Life from Your Apple Watch.How To: 5 Things You Didnt Know Your iPhones Home Button Could Do. How To: The 55 Coolest New iOS 9 Features You Didnt Know About. Theres no point having it searching for your network if youre on the subway or somewhere else you know you cant get a signal.But if youre angry, youre crazy. These 4 tips will help you max out your Xbox One controllers battery life. How to replace your iPhones battery. Since iOS 11 has been available for over a week, many users are now running Apples latest mobile OS. While there are lots of great new features, one downside many users are experiencing is decreased battery life. Lets take a look at the best ways to improve battery life on your iPhone. While most Android phones are now claiming to have two-day battery lives the iPhone has historically struggled to make it through to the evening.Ask a Tech Editor: How can I avoid losing my photos and messages if my phone gets broken or stolen? If you are an iPhone user, you probably enjoy the look and feel of your phone and relish the productivity and fun iPhone provides towards both your business and personal life. Nevertheless, there is In this post, well guide you on how to improve iPhone battery life with important tips.Heres a Look at All 157 New Emojis Arriving This Year. iOS. iPhone Battery Replacement: Everything You Need to Know About. Apps. Anyone knows how to improve battery life on iPhone 7/7 Plus, thanks! Many people upgraded their iPhone to an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus because of the batter battery life as the Apple said.If your iPhone 7 always in extremely bright, the battery life will go down faster. The battery icon in the top right corner of your iPhone lets you know how much juice your phones got left, but it doesnt offer much detail.Need to Squeeze More Life Out of Your iPhones Battery? Try This. How to Stop Your iPhone Screen From Rotating. When am talking about mobile phones battery life, I do so passionately because I wear the shoes and I know where it pinches.How to increase the battery life of any iphone. Restart Your iPhone. But how many of you know about battery life? None of the tools actually tell you anything about your batterys long-term health.Generally, not only iPhone battery, each and every battery goes through charge cycles. We all dont know about these battery cycles. This is probably the best way to know what is going with your battery if youre having issues.How to disable Location History on Facebook to extend iPhone battery life.

How to filter App Store reviews. How to identify 32-bit apps on your Mac. Scroll down to know more. Battery life determines how long your battery lasts on a single charge, but your battery health determines how much your battery life diminishesIt gives you a straightforward, no-nonsense display of how much battery capacity you have remaining on your iPhone. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to improve your iPhones stamina.However, since auto-sync is genuinely useful, wed only recommend disabling it when you know youre going to be running very low on battery life. The iOS platform comes with a number of features but it also means that your phone gets drained out of battery sooner. While the latest versions, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have highly improved upon their battery life, they will easily fail when compared to some other phones (probably cheaper) in the market. Just want you to aware that your performance will go down to that of an iPhone 5s. Besides this, what can you do to extend your battery and surprisingly there is so much. I am going to let you know everything I know about How to improve iOS 9 battery life. when buying a used iphone things you must know - Продолжительность: 5:18 Mizta Shy 153 137 просмотров.Check how many times your ipad/iphone has been recharged using Battery Life: Robert Tkotzyk - Продолжительность: 1:22 aleks dude 10 702 просмотра.iPhone have their own operating system known as IOS. iPhone has many features including lightBut aside it will also consume your phone battery, so to improve iPhone battery life you have toWhen we plug our phone for charging then we have to take care of how much time the phone take to If you want a detailed look at how your battery operates under stress, you can download an app like Geekbench 4, a diagnostics tool that will offer detailed information about your iPhones speed, battery life, and computing power. Raise to Wake detects when your iPhone has lifted and turns on the devices screen in response. This is useful, but it also can run down battery life if you have the iPhone in hand and are fairly animated, walkingI know all the ways to help reduce battery drain.Knowing how to do it misses the point. The built-in GPS in your iPhone allows you to know where you are at all times. But this feature is also a major battery drainer.How to find an iPhone battery capacity? By determining how many battery cycles your iPhone has completed, its remaining life span can be estimated.


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