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90 Shares. Clash of Clans TH 1-7 Instruction for beginners. by Clash of Clans 2015-10-18, 7:12 PM.madhan on UPDATE: Best TH7 War Base TH7 Farming Defenses 2016. Clash of Clans - BEST (TH9) Trophy / War Northern Teaser Base (2 AIR SWEEPERS) Speed Build. Clash of Clans: BEST TH6 AIR SWEEPER TROPHY BASE DEFENSE! 2015. Published on 09 Apr 2015 | over 2 years ago. Town hall 9 (TH9) clan war/Trophy base.Welcome to I Jack Sparrow COC channel, a good channel for base designs and strategies!! Link to subcribe: Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters. Join a clan of players and rise through the ranks, or create your own Clan to contest ownership of the Realm.Developer: Supercell. Category: Games. Updated: Jul 1, 2015. TH8 WAR BASE 2015 ANTI DRAGON, TOWN HALL 8 ANTI HOG WAR BASEWIN EVERYTIME!CoC TH8 Hybrid Base / TH8 War Base AntiClash Of Clans Best Th8 War Base. Sziasztok!Itt is lenne az a taktika amit mr annyi ideje hasznlok! s mg mindig tkletesen vd! Best Ever Town hall 6 (Th 6) Defense - Clan War/Trophy Base - TH6 Base 2016 Updates with 2 Air Defense If you enjoyed the video please drop a likeTown hall 6 (TH6) Hybrid Base 2015 Clan: ninjas irl (8UVCYCQ) - we only accept people that would like to stay and war with us (requirement knowing Base Builder Forum.

Guides Top Tips. Clans.Town hall 5 piece of crap. War TH5. Monday, 14 December 2015.Best Farming Base Layout for Town Hall 10: TH insi In Dept overview of Clash of Clans Grand Update De Town Hall 11 Best Loot Protected and War Base Des Clan War Anti 3-Star Base Layouts. Now I have been putting together the best Clan War Bases here (and update them frequently like once every month). War Bases Town Hall 7 (TH7). Сначала выберите уровень ТХ (Ратуша / TH).Clash of Clans Bases » Top Town Hall Base Layouts » Top TH7 Base Layouts » Top TH7 War Base Layouts. Only Youtubes Top Best TH8 War Base could make it into the Clash of Clans Top 5 Clan War Bases of August 2015. 2.

Clash of Clans TH6 Tropy/Clan War Base With New Air Sweeper - COC Town Hall 6 BestPublished: Jul 12, 2015Duration: Unknown clash of clans th10 war base anti everything. first of all lets look at how this layout design is compartmentalized.Best Town Hall TH10 War Bases Anti Valkriye/Bowlers/Miners With Bomb Tower 2018 . Поиск видео на - video TH10, TH9, TH8 3 star war attacks, Ground and air attacks. Clash of Clans, Th10 War base layouts 2016, War baseBest New Vines - Weekly Vine Compilations September 30, 2015 6:55 pm. Hey Noel, would it be possible to make a base designed for lower level wars? Only Youtubes Top Best TH8 War Base could make it into the Clash of Clans Top 5 Clan War Bases of August 2015. BEST TOWN HALL 6 (TH6) HYBRID BASE 1.NEW BUILDER HALL 3 BASE | Clash Of Clans BH3 ANTI 2 STAR Builder Base https300 Likes For More TH6 Bases With Air Sweeper [SEE MORE] TOP 3 TH6 Bases 2015: War, Hybrid, Farming, Trophy With Air Sweeper (Coming Soon) Design By TH10 War Base Anti-GoWiPe. GoWipe is the 1 two star strategy when it comes to war.Best Town Hall 10 Base Design for November 2016. Post navigation. Weekly Base Review 18. Clan War Strategy through the Ages . Clash Of Clans | BEST TH9 WAR BASE OF 2015 WITH REPLAY PROOF!Clash of clans - Best town hall 9(th9) WAR BASE DEFENSE! Anti hog, anti AIR, anti golem replay. Best Town Hall TH 6 war bases anti everything 2018 withstood 600 ATTACKS. Click Here to copy these exceptional bases now.Defends against: Giant-wiz combo, giant-archer combo and other minor/farming attack strategies. th6 clan war base. Clash of Clans - BEST Town Hall 4 (TH4) War Base CoC TH4 Base Layout 2015 Best Defense Strategy for Clash of Clans TownHi Guys hope you like the video My Clan names Blobfische and you can join us but you must be lv60 My next video is a th 6 war This layout is Cams best war base for th8 till now. If he releases more better layout . Though it is not strong enough, but i must say, it was very popular in 2015-2016.9 TH8 War Base Unlurable CC (Clan Castle). Its unlurable design makes it perfect hog. TH6 Clan War Base. Note:only the buildings that are available at Th6 are used for designing the layout. Features of this th 6 Layout: 1.good air defense placement. mortar,wizard,archer tower placement. Clash Of Clans- New Update-TH9 War Base- CoC TH9 Trophy Base- With Replays Best TH9 9 Defense.Clash Of Clans- TH 8 Hybrid Base Best Town Hall 8 Hybrid Base- Protects Loot and Anti Air- 2015. By: ClashofClans. Only Youtubes Top Best TH8 War Base could make it into the Clash of Clans Top 5 Clan War Bases of August 2015.Tips to building your own perfect clan war base. Simular setups for farming and hybrid bases. Heroes in! Clash of Clans - NEW BEST TOWN HALL 6 (TH6) Trophy/Clan War Base With Air Sweeper CoC TH6 Trophy Push Base Best Town Hall 6 Tophy Push Base With New Air Sweeper 2015! Gaming Affair. Best PC Games.Clash of clans TH6 war base / town hall 6 defense anti dragon, anti hogs 2015. February 26, 2018. I have my own secrets to help my clan not lose my stars. Its my base structure that is helping me not lose my stars. I have already spoken about TH6 War Bases where I shared my best War bases to dominate war. Best Base CLAN WAR COC for PC 2.0.of Clash Of Clans 2016 TH 6 ( Town Hall )For Clash of Clans. I recommend donating 1 maxed Dragon in Clan War to the Clan Castle. Air Defenses can protect nearly the whole base. The Air Sweeper can cover both of ADs.

Love Behl. best base for th6 i recomend it luv this site. Clash Of Clans | Best th7 town hall 7 war / trophy base 2015 new update war base for th7 in coc. town hall 7 anti 3 star war base unique base build design anti dragon anti giants epic clan war base 2015. Possibly The Best TH9 War Base REPLAYS - Clash of Clans | Titanium Core.Clash of clans - New TH9 War base 2015 Anti 2star,hogriders,dragons,balloons,lava hound Replay. admin. Dear Scholar Voice, Its good to hear that you like the above TH9 war base designs.Clash Of Clans Optional Update 15/06. 21 Tips Clashers Should Follow For Farming. COC July 2015 Update Features Analysis Part 2. This is an effective th6 clan war base design. Your townhall is placed in the center, as well as the mortar and air defense.Base designs. Air Sweeper. July 4, 2015. Archer tower shoots twice as fast. December 10, 2014. TH8 Best war base with new bomb tower new CLABase of Clans 4 мес. Coc Th8 Best War Base Anti 2 star 100. Best Defense Strategy for Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 6 - The Best War Base With Air Sweeper Setup for TH6 CoC Town Hall 6 Clan Wars Base 2015 TH6 War Town hall 8 (Th8) clan war/Trophy base Anti hogs/anti air dragons/anti gowipe 2015 Replay with air sweeper update. Note: Now because this base is popular, you guys should change the double giant bombs to another place, it still work again hogs well! CoC TH6 HYBRID BASE - The Best Defense Strategy for Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 6 With New Air Sweeper After April Update 2015 Subscribe For More Farming, Hybrid, Trophy, War Bases with Clash of Clans - TH6 - Trophy/Clan War Base (The Vault).New 2015 launched website! All YouTubes best Base Layouts, Giveaways, Wallpapers, Tips, Tricks and much more! Only Youtubes Top Best TH8 War Base could make it into the Clash of Clans Top 5 Clan War Bases of August 2015. Clash of Clans:th6 hybird best!! base!!TatusD. 2015-11-17. Shit war base cuz th is in middle of nowhere. Below is a collection of some of the best TH6 War Bases, these bases are defensive and will give you the best chance of surviving for you clan in Clan Wars!Save Comment. Comments will display as plain text only . Guest 11:38 pm, September 11, 2015 3. smart you base. Like [3] Reply. Song identification of video "Songs in "Clash" Youtube id 03uuAmxb78 by War Mortars Coc Best Th8 Base. Source Abuse Report. War Base Design Clash of Clans.Source Abuse Report. Th8 Trophy/war Base 2015. Clash of Clans - NEW BEST TOWN HALL 6 (TH6) Trophy/Clan War Base With Air Coc Base Wizard. 2015-08-26 | views. Clash Of Clans - SCARY PUMPKIN Vs. 240 BARBS!! The best TH9 war base is here with the best strategy, defeating even the most powerful enemy. The base combines the strengths difficult to lure clan troops and smart locations of Double Giant Bombs.Read More: Th6 War Base. Defense Logs: TH9 Farming Bases. Best th7 Base For Clan War War Clan in Clash of Clans game is one of favorite times awaited by players.A lot of Players are looking for Best war base th 7 in 2015 , yeah in 2015 in the best year for Android games, especially for Clash of Clans. The Best Ever TH5 Defensive COC War Base (IMMORTAL DEFENSE)-Specialized For Clan Wars OnlyMooNLight - Tech Entertainment.Town Hall 5 War Base Best Defense Strategy Clash of Clans (CoC TH5)VDOGames - Clash of Clans. What are the best town hall level 6 defenses for either an everyday play or a clan wars defense.Screenshot2015-08-03-15-56-04.png This base, although Im using a th 7, it has all the th 6 buildings, so this was my base when i was th 6 Great in war and in multiplayer TH6 War farming ase| clash of clans with AIR sweeper. Town Hall 6 Defense With Air Sweeper Trophy Base War Base Defense.TOWNHALL LEVEL 6 ANTI-GIANT DEFENSE HYBRID BASE 2015 With AIR SWEEPER. TH 6 Trophy/Clan Wars Base /BEST Town Hall 6


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