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My cars have very high mileage and I am using MaxLife 5w20 in them with great results.You can use whatever grade you want and be fine as long as it is not a thick oil for a cold climate. oil used had better be thick. For the simple reason that a thick lubricant fills the gaps that the. engineers of the past couldnt.For here youll find someone who wont treat your car just like any old car. So you can rest assured that. Within reason, thicker oil generally seals better and maintains a better film of lubrication between moving parts.When your car or light truck/SUV is somewhat older and has considerably more mileage, you may notice a few oil stains on the garage floor. If you decide to switch to synthetic oil for your older car, talk to a professional technician first.Now overheating? A oil change cannot cause any of the problems you are having unless the incorrect viscosity too thick of oil was put in. Older car? thicker oil? Engine Oil Myths Facts. Many car There is no need to use quality oil. Fact: Older engines are more prone to wear Thicker motor oil is better for your engine It used to be common practice to use thicker oils as engines got older, but these formulations cause extra strain onThis makes it a great choice for older vehicles that are only used occasionally such as antique cars and winter beaters. 4) Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil Best Oil for Diesel Engines. Buscar resultados para thickest oil for car.04/12/2017 The thickest motor oil readily available on the market is 40W70. This oil is made for antique cars with diesel engines that burn oil excessively. So a higher viscosity means more resistance to flow or a thicker oil and a lower viscosity means less resistance to flow.We first need to understand the rating system used for motor oils youll often hear 5w30 or 0w 20 as a rating used in cars today. 20W-50 is a thick oil as represented by its viscosity i.e. oil grade. Havoline 20W-50 Motor Oil and Kixx 20W-50 are the most widely used in this category.

Also NEVER EVER use 20-50 oil unless your car is very old and reducing oil. Motor Vehicle Older car? thicker oil? |How To Pick The Right Motor Oil Engine Oil For Your Car. A 5W oil is typically whats recommended for winter use. Once the engine is running, the oil heats up. Recommended for pre-1980 cars, their multi-grade 20W-50 is formulated with high-quality mineral oils plus selected additives for older technology and classic car engines. Also in the "Classic XL" line is a 30W oil for pre-1950 vintage and classic cars. Oil engine oil for your car how to pick the right motor car popularmechanics cars a53 1266801 url? Q webcache. Passenger car motor oil (pcmo is thicker a benefit as engines age?Thicker oil for older high mileage cars? Other topics forum thick oil? Thin Right oil! However, a very thick-viscosity oil can make it hard to start the vehicle, even to the point where the starter motor is unable to turn the engine over fast enough to start.

Older cars do not run well with these oils, as they are not designed to such tight tolerances. The oil I am using would not meet the requirement of 75 PSI at 6,000 RPM from Ferrari. I would have to choose a thicker oil for this racing situation.People often say that their old 1980 car manual says to use a specific Brand-X motor oil. They keep trying to locate these older oils. If you have an old vehicle thats been running on single-weight oil for most of its life, its built up quite a bit of sludge because someTo keep the oil thick enough to fill these gaps, switch to heavier single-weight oil as your car gets older and starts to run more roughly or to burn up oil more quickly. Ive heard that people sometimes want a thicker oil for older engines. Is this something that I should be considering, as my engine build is coming up on 150k miles.Sign in to your Car Throttle account. Continue with Facebook. Oil forms thicker oil film for additional protection for old engines. More additive compounds, help to protect the engine in old cars. High efficiency of base oils in a combination to technology SuperSyn provide excellent all-round protection against deterioration. What Is Thick Oil For A Car смотреть онлайн | Бесплатное видео в HD качестве без рекламы, без смс и без регистрации I have also head that when you hit 200K or more with your car, we should use a bit thicker oil for better protection.My mechanic agreed that thicker oil was good for my wifes old 4wd with 200k on the clock which was clattering on startup and burning a little as well. This tells you how well it flows in cold weather when it the oil is thicker. The second number is how well the oil maintains its thickness in heat.If there is only one number, as found in some older cars, your car uses a "single-weight" oil.[10]. Is cheap engine oil as good as the expensive brands? Five things you probably didnt know about car engine oil.This is important because an oil needs to be thin enough to allow the engine to start when the oil is heavy and treacle-like in the depths of winter, while remaining thick enough to lubricate the Old lies die hard. The notion that thicker oil is better never was true but back in the day it was usually harmless.thick oil is always better if you want your car to last for years-thin oil is break in oil-that is because it lets the cyclinders wear smooth quicker. Older cars may require thicker oil, but its still not a good idea to just pour five quarts of 40-weight in just because its summer. Thicker oil takes longer to start flowing properly when the engine isnt warmed up, and can also reduce fuel economy. Some oils are marketed as high mileage oils, specially formulated for older cars with a lot of miles on the engine.Another factor is the thickness of the oil at the time of it being dark. Thick and dark is certainly a problem, as any off roader will tell you but simply dark, no. Thick Oil For Car, Thanks you because you you already Visit blog the cute this. As an answer Search visitor Admin will give videos that could reader see the following under this . divide in the unlikely event reader love with the posting we. thick oil for old cars, 20821 post : July, 3 2017. Thicker oil makes an engine harder to start in cold weather, reduces oil circulation around the engine and increases oil pressure, which means there will be more pressure trying to push the motor oil past seals and gaskets. Cars.coms Editorial department is your source for automotive news and reviews. Engine oil by viscosity. Choose the right viscosity for your car.High temperatures. The second number describes how thick the oil is at the engines normal operating temperature. CHOOSING FRESH OIL for your car and removing the old is one of the most rewarding DIY jobs.Oil is thick and heavy and a full bottle can be hard to manage while holding the funnel so ideally youll be able to get a helper to hold the funnel for you at this point. I wouldnt put thicker oil in a car just because its older. The tolerance in the engine havent change and you are going to try and force thicker oil through passageways and gaps that were built for thinner oils. TOM: Youre probably not old enough to remember when cars routinely took 40-weight oil in the summer and 20-weight oil in the winter.So, for instance, you could use a 10W-40 oil that would act like a 10-weight (thinner) oil when the temperature was low and a 40-weight (thicker) oil when the Engines that have been run on non-detergent oil for many years will have a thick sludge buildup.Classic low detergent sae 30. Monograde - suitable for agricul-tural equipment, older cars and commercial vehicles which require this specification and viscosity. As for older cars, the oil can be different: for a highway driving in warm or hot weather 10W-30 or 10W-40 are good.Some old-timers prefer 30W-40W saying that the thicker is the oil, the better it holds up under high temperature. As your car ages, it will need slightly thicker oil for added lubrication. The parts of your cars engine will have worn over time, increasing friction thicker oil will help condition seals in older cars. The thickness of oil changes with the outside temperature as well. Thick, old, waxy oil can only be bad.If you drive your car around town then you need to change the oil for that situation. Use racing oil on the track and urban oil around town. I dont know about this being a car, the title is running thick oil in a small engine.Will I be okay running thinner oil with a minor oil leak on an older car? 3. Mechanic Troubles And A Small Watery Oil Leak. Currently, they have no phosphorus limits as such many people recommend them for older cars, evenYou can experiment with oils a slightly thicker grade can work wonders a wearing engine to improve pressure and oil consumption: say a 20W/50 or 20W/60 instead of a 15W/40 for example. This gives an standardised SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) rating so, for example, a relatively thick, old-fashioned motor oil might have a viscosity of SAE 50. But car engines operate across a range of temperatures, particularly when they start up cold. Old oil is not simply black coloured but contains large amounts of soot as well as larger items of dirt such a metal shavings.You might need to change to a slightly thicker oil than originally specified for your car. Thick Oil. Coming from the car scene, been modding cars and racing since I can drive.Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new. Thick Oil Juice co.thickoildude2015-08-11T13:25:2100:00.Coming from the car scene, been modding cars and racing since I can drive. I always wanted my company to have a vintage look and feel, as for the juices Ive been mixing for 5 to 6 months. thick oil. густое масло вязкое масло.English dictionary. oil paint — oil ,paint noun count or uncount a thick paint used by artists, that contains oil The fuel that enters our engine through the fuel injection system or even the carburetor in older car models is essentially composed of chemicals that, when ignited toThis is because the lower viscosity oil in such temperatures will be able to circulate throughout the engine much faster than thicker oil. i hear that high mileage cars should use higher weight oil right now im runningThicker oil can help that.I use Quaker State High Mileage synthetic in both of my old Volvos and the old These engines have been around longer and they need something stronger and thicker.

Motor oil manufacturers saw this as an opportunity and created high-mileage oil. Your Premium Oil brings you this post to talk a little bit about this special oil necessary for older car engines in Pearland. This is a discussion on Thick oil for new car within Technical Stuff, part of the Under the Hood category Hi, I changed engine oil of my new getz at 2500 to shell helix 20W-50 mineral oil.Later I discovered that shell helix 20-50 is a thick oil, mainly suitable for older vehicles. Penrite seem to be at odds with the others, its a very thick oil but it is full zinc.How to negotiate with car dealers, choose the right car, automotive technology, reviews and and your questions answered by automotive expert John Cadogan. Sae viscosity grades: passenger car motor oil. Multigrade oils such as SAE 5W-30 and 10W-30 are widely used because, under all but extremely hot or cold conditions, they are thin enough to flow at low temperatures and thick enough to perform satisfactorily at high temperatures. Could the thicker oil that my car isnt supposed to be using be causing this?guy who changed your oils a tool, you should be using thinner oil, if anything different, with older cars, to put less stress on the engines. but since every old For this kind of work, never use the flimsy jack thats supplied with the car. Yes, my funnel is an empty, dry water bottle with the end cut off. Also, my drain pan has a screw-on lid and pour spout, which makes it easier to transport and recycle the old oil. Your vehicles manufacturer should specify the recommended viscosity of oil for your vehicle in the owners manual.However, older cars benefit from thicker or heavier oil, as the thicker oil helps condition seals and decrease friction as parts of the engine wear.


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