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If No was selected, they 2nd one would be hidden. <. div class"search-item-nombre">. c Ext .net ComboBox. 2017-04-11 11:05 Raul Pechero imported from Stackoverflow.lblAnswer.Text IsPrime(Convert.ToInt32(txtNumber.Text))Is there some error because i dun want the page refresh each time i select in the combo box.

it get difficult at point because i need to Gets or sets the text that is selected in the editable portion of a ComboBox.When the combo box loses focus, the selection point moves to the beginning of the text and any selected text becomes unselected. Select ComboBox Text I have a ComboBox declared as follows: I want to select the ComboBoxs text field on focus, but I cant figure out how to do this.How to get the Combobox selected item text which is inside a DataGridView? after selecting the combobox item the event fires but i dont get any value for SelectedValue, SelectedItem, Text etc dpd.AddValueChanged(comboBox1, combobox1Changed) MessageBox.Show( comboBox1.Text) ASP.NET ComboBox - Autocomplete, filtering, ajax load on demand, virtual scrolling, multi select, multi columns, master detail, icons, templates, cool skins - Client-Side API - Get Selected Item.Use the options collection to get the text / value of the selected item. So I would like to read all the text filenames beginning with "SN1033".

Ive gotten around this by saving the combox value right before clearing the combobox, then assigning that value back to the combobox right after I cleared it. . I would like to know how do I update those two properties with the combobox text to PersonName and value to PersonId respectively when I save the form changes.ext:GridPanel>. This will allow you to select the name corresponding to an ID. I have a bound combo box on a windows form.This will select the first item in the list that matches "YourString". I think you get the error about DataRowView because thats the underlying datasource for the combobox.