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I can only speak for my Hero 4 Black Edition but I assume it would be the same for the Silver and Standard Edition. The following are general considerations.The GoPro Hero 4 offers a standard video mode and a Protune mode. FEATURES (black only, silver is like a shitty hero3 black): port c:/ is SD.Connection to external wifi (for uploading media to a GoPro site and from there to social media). New value in protune: Native WB. The review also features a brief look at the other two models the GoPro Hero4 Silver and low-budget 1080p HERO.The Protune mode, the professional setting mode of GoPro cameras, is now extended to Photo mode as well as video. GoPro HERO4 (Silver Edition) protune ayarlar karlatrma. GoPro HERO4 protune settings comparison 1080p Bu videoda protune ayarlarnn grnty nasl etkilediini gstermeyeGoPro HD: Tip 22 Protune or Not Protune? This is the Question! Protune applies to Hero3: Silver Edition, Hero3: Black Edition, Hero3 Black, and Hero4. Best Protune Lessons. Protune is an important tool for getting the best possible footage. In this article we will provide a GoPro Protune tutorial that will teach you how to quickly implement this powerful tool GoPro HERO3 Black vs HERO3 Silver. These two cameras look practically identical.Protune is GoPros umbrella term for professional settings that give you ore control over the visual and sound settings. Solved: Why does my Hero 3 silver have no "protune". I keep reading that it should have protune preinstalled but I do not see it anywhere.Is your GoPro gear up to date? Check to see If it is on our Update page.

(GoPro Hero 4 Silver).You Can use either Premiere or Final Cut Pro X. This Is a Quick Tip to get great looking GoPro videos! 1. Enable Protune on GoPro 2. Import into Go Pro Studio 3. Convert to Cineform 4. Import Footage to Editor 5. Apply Lut 6. Correct color 7. Add Sharpening Links: GoPro As can be seen from the table below, the key message on video resolutions is that anything the GoPro Hero 4 Silver can do, the Hero 4 Black can do better or at least at a higher framerate!In general, users who are likely to need to use Protune will probably know all about it already anyone who isnt The 399 Hero 4 silver edition has the same resolution options as the Hero 3 but adds user-friendly features like a touch-screen back that lets you quickly toggle between modes and playback. It also features GoPros Protune settings for photo. Hero 3: Black and Silver Editions. What is Protune? In the most basic way, Protune is a setting that you can use on your GoPro that gives you a more colorful, higher-quality end result when it comes to videos that youre making. Read my reviews of the modes for the HERO4 Silver/HERO3 HERO3 Black Edition Understanding your GoPro.

4K-30 Colored Frame Grab from DJI Phantom 2 ProTune, GoPro Color, ISO 400, Sharpening Low, EV Comp 0. Your HERO4 Silver camera comes with three types of backdoors/ Trademarks. GoPro, HERO, the GoPro logo, the GoPro Be a HERO logo, BacPac, Protune, SuperView, and Wear It. by Reveal Rabbit 3 years ago. GoPro Hero 4 silver 5 GoPro App (deutscby Rayzor Studios 2 years ago. What is Protune? GoPro Tip 317 4 years ago. HERO3: Silver Edition.The HERO5 and HERO Session/HERO4 Sessions Protune controls can only be accessed when connected to a Smart Remote or the GoPro App. Csar Lpez Escamilla: gopro hero3 silver has the option of protunes ?? thks. MathiasBachLaursen: I dont get it why is the picture/colors so bad without protune? () - Protune QuikCapture. Time Lapse . 19. Camera Reset 20 21. HERO4 Silver Protune. . PRO : gopro.

com/getstarted. The Hero 3 plus silver after the update is still showing v2.0.To my knowledge Protune is not available on the Hero3 Silver. This link describes some of the models where it is available: https I was thinking of sending the hero 3 back. then i thought what the hell, let me try turn off protune (on the previous model i always used protune all the riding videoi owned the gopro 3 black and protune was better. Why Hero3Silver? This silver edition of GoPro camera is designed with complex surface type profile that is developed using plastic 6 element asphericalMaximum resolution for stills can go up to 11MP and in case if videos 1080p 24/25/30fos (Ultra Wide, Narrow and Medium Protune Mode), 960p What is Protune on GoPro? When you turn on Protune you can control more settings like field of view (FOV), frames per second (fps), and video resolution.Hero3 Silver (Protune for video only). Gopro Hero 3 Silver Instructions. Worlds most Versatile Camera / HERO4 Black Edition. Instructions on how to use ProTune and why ProTune was added to the HD HERO2 HERO4, HERO3 Black, HERO3: Black Edition, HERO3: Silver Edition. GoPro Hero 5 Black Manual Online: Protune. The options for this setting are Of (default) and On. When Protune is on, PT appears on the camera screens.Hero 3 silver edition (63 pages). GoPro Hero 3 Silver w/ side ahesive mount and camera elbow. Settings: 1080p 24fps ProTune Enabled Auto White Balance. 2. Protune. GoPro App.Camera Reset 20 21. HERO4 Silver. . Power/Mode . : Multi-Shot. HERO4 Black. Wi-Fi PRO GoPro Be a Hero, BacPac, Protune, SuperView, Wear It. The camera boasts several upgrades over the GoPro Hero 3 and comes in two models: The Hero4 Black and the Hero4 Silver.Waterproof to 131 ft (40m) in GoPro housing. Protune mode for custom control of settings that allow flexibility in post-processing. PROTUNE RESOLUTIONS (continued): Protune is available in the following HERO3 Silver Edition resolutionsPRO TIP: Want to see your footage and stills on the big screen? Plug your HERO3 directly into a TV/HDTV with GoPros Micro HDMI cable or USB cable (optional accessories). Сервисный центр service-gopro. Фоторежимы GoPro HERO4. Latest Hero3 release: HERO3 Black Edition HD3.03.03.00 | Aug 12, 2014 HERO3 Silver Editionrate to 35Mb/sec while recording in 4K, 2.7K and Protune modes (HERO3: Black Edition only). See release notes hide release notes. GoPro Separator. How to update your HERO3. why does the gopro hero 3 silver edition have protune when the gopro hero 3 doesnt have protune! shouldnt the "" be "better" wtf. so annoying. Manny. After you have familiarized yourself with the Gopro Hero 4/3/3 menu structure, it is important to setHero3 Silver: The H3S has one video resolution that can be used with the Freedom360Protune: the H3W has no Protune feature, the video footage will have high contrast (clipped blacks and wakegopro: I havent got Protune in My Settings of My Hero 3 silver Edition! Sting Flight: Thanks so much! Ive been editing the crap out of my GoPro videos--with good results--with Protune Off. If ProTune is not on, then White Balance will not show up on the camera. More GoPro tip videos coming soonHeres a quick comparison of the audio/wind noise between the GoPro Hero 3 "Silver" and the GoPro 1080p 30fps default settings, protune on. GoPro Studio 2.0 Protune preset with added exposure, contrast and sharpness. Location lake Kallavesi, Kuopio Protune Mode. 30, 25 fps. N/a. N/a. Ultra Wide, Medium FOV. Protune Mode.HERO3 Silver Edition Camera. For video, I set all three to 1080p/30fps (wide), with Protune turned off -- a standard configuration for multiple use cases. For images, the Hero LCD and Hero4 Session were set to their default/highest setting, which is eight megapixels (wide). The Hero4 Silver was set to the nearest equivalent Gopro Hero 4 Silver 1080p Superview Test. F. Gopro Studio Time Lapse Zeitraffer Erstellen. F. Gopro Hero 4 Silver Im Test 4k.Gopro Hero 4 Silver Black Edition Fr Anfnger Benutzeranleitung In Deutsch. This video was made to review the differences between GoPro Hero3 Silver and Black Edition, in all 1080p modes : 30 or 60fps and with/without Protune in special conditions : very very low light The footage was made in a bedroom, closed curtains, no light, just few rays to get a bit of light While the Hero4 Silver, and the Hero3 Black (which the feature was first deployed on) can use it to shoot 1080p and 720p footage. Protune. Protune allows GoPro users to shoot in a higher quality and with less compression. Hi Roger, i just check on website and they told that protune is enable only under. HERO4 HERO3 Black HERO3: Black Edition HERO3: Silver Edition. could tell me the right setup to see protune profile, please? Here are some before and after editing photos I have taken on my GoPro Hero 5. Video Settings. Same as for photos, if you dont already, you need to enable Protune. The Hero3 silver edition does not support Superview. Protune allows GoPros to capture higher quality videos with less compression. Both Hero4 editions support Protune in both videos and stills. As for if you should use protune or not, this is a tricky question. Depending on what model GoPro you have, the bit rate can be drastically different.However, the Hero 4 Silver in protune has three times the bit rate of the Hero 3 Silver in non-protune. I would like to share with you today a detailed GoPro comparison chart of the three Hero4 cameras (GoPro Hero 4 Silver vs Black vs Session) and the two Hero 5 cameras ( GoPro Hero 5 Black vs Session).WiFi: Control/View/Share. Protune for Photo and Video. Hero4 Silver vs Hero4 Black Sharpness Comparison - GoPro Tip 382. 366 Views.GoPro HERO4 Session Vs GoPro HERO4 Silver - Whats Better For 400. If ProTune is not on, then White Balance will not show up on the camera. More GoPro tip videos coming soon ALWAYS! GoPro HD Hero3 Black vs. Silver vs. Hero2 Visual Comparison. Protune has been a feature on the last 2 generations of GoPro and hasnt changed much on the HERO 5. Protune allows GoPro users to have more control of the image quality and appearance. Provides GoPro color-corrected profile (same great color as when Protune is turned off).GoPro, HERO, the GoPro logo, the GoPro Be a Hero logo, BacPac, Protune, SuperView, and Wear It. GoPro Hero4 Silver.Protune: Turn on or off the Protune feature, and then adjust specific Protune-related settings that pertain exclusively to the Night shooting mode option.


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