jquery mobile collapsible text align





I am creating a website for mobile devices using jQueryMobile. I have a simple Collapsible that looks like this:

<.text-align: center. Here is the FIDDLE with what i have tried so far. I work on my jquery mobile(1.4.5) project. I have this html collapsable elementAs you are saying in your question, you need this for JQM 1.4.5 - here is it: .ui- collapsible-heading-toggle.ui-btn text-align: right !important jQuery Mobile Framework.I have a working example, only 5 lines of CSS needed to be changed to create a non-inset collapsible set with collapsibles each containing a non-inset list ( in my case I was using right- aligned icon ). Tag: jquery-mobile,panel,collapsable,jquery-mobile-collapsible. Im opening a new page by clicking on a list item that appends data to a collapsible div inside an external panel.jquery,css,jquery-mobile I am trying to align button icons in jQuery Mobile grid. Sizing. Spacing. Text. Vertical align. Visibility. Extend.