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HTML Examples. API. Code Used in documentation. table-compositor.We want our style providing functions to return style attributes that can be inlined into the style attribute of a or tag. Learn more about HTML Table Tag Attributes with example.divider. Explain the various ways to apply CSS styles to a Web page? How will you concatenate two strings? Is PHP a case sensitive language? HTML Style Attribute. To specify the style value for individual cells in the table, see cellstyle attribute used in list tag.The following example shows how to set the style attribute in the HTML span element that contains the scalar value. Above is an example of an HTML table. The table has had some styles applied (using the < style> element in the documents ) element.The sortable attribute is intended to allow a sorting interface for the table. Two other attributes you might find useful when working with tables are the The user can set any size of his/her table in html while creating the website. the user can use < style> section to set the default width for the table to 100 of theFor example, if the user wants to change the cells of a table into a different height and width then colspan and rowspan attributes are used. This page shows you how to style the HTML table tag with CSS. Heres a example of a tableHeres a comparison showing old HTML tables formatting attributes and the CSS equivalent. The HTML