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Sims 4 Gameplay Sims 2 stuff Sims 2 Downloads WCIF. Music player code goes here.Will you ever convert male hairs? I converted a few actually. I just need to release them. Go to Bing homepage. sims 2 male clothing | Tumblr. 500 x 667 jpeg 155kB. Here youll find my Sims 2 cc - For Sims 4 please go to Male Flannel Shirt-Jeans 4to2 with Sneakers and Converse by Julie J. Modelled with t-shirt by Frency at SimsYorkCity. funnycleversims: Lowe your downloads but for some reason this 3t2 Alexandria 3t2 Victorian shoes for women (short version) will not show up in my CAS for Sims 2 Any ideas ?Credits go to Morague who wrote a tutorial about unlocking outfits! Download (females) | Download ( males). main tumblr.Sims 4 CC creator. SKIN N2 OVERLAY. 3 swatches, teen, males only. Sims 4 Sims 3 Sims 2 Sims 1 Artists Members. Submit. Log in to your Account.Tumblr Holo Adidas Cap By Majuskaaa.

Jan 22, 2018 by JutubowaMajcia. loading This is for adult male. Separate bottom. It comes in all original EAxis colors.Tagged: sims 2, alternate universe, dillan jorgenson, my sims, I wish there was a version of this hair without the hatFollow on Tumblr. This Hairstyle category under Sims 2 Boy Hairstyles, Sims 2 Male Hair, Sims 2 Male Hair Downloads, Sims 2 Male Hair Downloads Free, Sims 2 Male Hair Sets, Sims 2 Male Hair Tumblr, Sims 2 Male Hairstyles, Sims 2 Male Hairstyles Download. sssvitlans 1 week ago. rusty-sims: Business Suit MSeparate Top.

20 Color. / 2 . Do not upload to another site.

tops male. 5,695 notes. 5695N. This set took frikkin forever for me to get it to an uploadable state. Included are 3 conversions of Birksches from TS4 to TS3, for your male sims! Everyday - Outerwear, Y/A - A, and of course the lazy RGBs are 1 channel cuz thats how I roll. katatty-main said: am i right in seeing hermia capp is disgusted by male sims? she seems to have been missed.Following. My Blog All of Tumblr. The Sims 2 Finds: Sims2 Heaven: Male clothes. 600 x 685 jpeg 390kB. sims 2 male clothes tumblr - Google Search | Sims 2 Hello Again, Sims 2 :D. One day after I deleted all my Sims 2 stuff from my computer, EAxis released a new update to Sims 2 that removed our beloved friend SecuROM. So I thought: why not taking a shot at a new, clean install? Simple Pose Pack 02 (male) for The Sims 4 by Lipaluci (1,968). Coule Corset Dress for The Sims 4 (1,954).Female / Male sims Random Sims Download for The Sims 4 by Neutralsupply Download link. Sims 2 CC Finds Sims 3 CC Finds.D. Pose tags are as follows: Touching a sims face. aspladpillowtalk11 female sim reaching up. aspladpillowtalk12 male sim sitting on the side of the bed. It is time my male sims had some new clothing-items, so I made a am-version of trappings retextures of sentates sweater.Since tumblr doesnt like sharing links in the asks, copy and paste the link from /post" onward. KKs Sims4. home index. ask message.1 year ago ooobsooo. KK Sweatshirts 02. T-E (Male) / Toddler Ver. [HERE]. New mesh. Custom thumbnails. Answer: Its Newseas Luke, not sure of the texture since theres barely any texture visible on the picture but the original is here, hairyu037 maleluke The Sims Urbania site that is being referred to is closed. Site owner Mocha is still active on tumblr and has her downloads available http Hmmm my computer has stopped working recently :/ so when I get it working again Ill make a post of the things I used on those sims.Preview of a skin Im working on which will be for female and male sims. Welcome! Thank you for visiting us! Here you find our creations for the game The Sims 2 and other things that we enjoyed. We hope you will enjoy our Simblr! .I dont have the habit of entering Tumblr every day. Umi-sims2. Paintless Dent Repair Portland. Sup fellas and gals, was recently in the Portland area and got into a bit of a fender bender. Ознакомьтесь с этими и другими идеями! sims 2 male clothes tumblr - Google Search. Trade-Off - Yandereplum - Closed - The Big Trade-Off. So as Ive said just a post below, I was really clumsy and forgot about the fix for the Clouds skirts. Im so terribly sorry guys. Sims Nma. Bienvenue dans leurs vies! TUMBLRASK.divers my sims the sims the sims 4 TS4 TS4 SCREENSHOTS simblr ts4 simblr sims male simsnema. This is my Sims Tumblr. I post screenshots from my game especially the houses I decorate and build. Sometimes, I play Legacies, but its hard because of school. Other things are just random Sims 2 or Sims 3 stuff. Sometimes Sims 4 too. Search. Lots of Sims 2 players have a preferred set of textures or colours for hairs, but it can be a pain searching around for the hair you want in the textures you want with the colours you want - and then when you eventually find it, the link is frequently dead.Male. Sideblog for kyoufuwooshieteyarou - the sims 2 downloads only. Ps: put the cursor on the black rectangles for links!Requested by myworldfulllofcolor, a male sim. His CC List is included on the rar. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Its where your interests connect you with your people.Heres some male clothes to help ) This is for sims 2! These are all for Adult Male. No morphs at this time. Anonymous asked: Could you convert Nightcrawler Coco Hair to Sims 2, please?? I would really appreciate it.Anonymous asked: Hi, i like your colors so much. do you plan to make some male hairs? Create your own Tumblr blog today.Heres some male clothes to help ) This is for sims 2! These are all for Adult Male. No morphs at this time. They come in all original EAxis colors. SIM Type AA Female (see AA tag below) AA Male (see AA tag below) Albino Sims Alien Sims Androgynous SimsOLD GAME TAGS Sims 2 Sims 3 Sims 4 (old posts). Imperfect (CAS) Base Sims Birthmarks Body Hair Bruises Eyebags Eyebrows Eyelashes Eyeshadow Face Shine Facemask Just another place to share some of my Sims2 pictures and stories. Also my downloads since Tumblr deleted my Sims2Downloads Tumblr account. Follow my Sims 2 story tagged sims2 challenge city hood Please make the male sim hairs available for female sim too.Been taking a break from tumblr to deal with the mess that isme. Anyways, that dread hair was originally converted by rumoruka-raizon but I think the only one that also worked for males is this. These poses work with either male or female sims and can be placed in any order. Please note that certain items of hair or clothing may effect the quality of the pose.Total 3 poses for the gallery, for a female and male sim. The female must be placed first, then the male. This is my jam. I was tagged by esotheria-sims for this meme! Rules: Pick a song that lifts your mood. Pick 10 people. sims 2. Puck Summerdream. not know why I post it but I like little elf boy. 1 month ago. 44 notes. Tumblr.This Site Might Help You. RE: i need some good sims 2 male teen clothing? i39ve been searching and searching, and its so hard to find decent clothes for male teens on the sims! i don39t do donations, so only free sites please :) (unless they have just a donator section) thaaanks in advance. Male. Mannequin. Quantity.Acerca de Tumblr. Hi, Im YareSims from Venezuela and play sims since 2006. I Love Sims 2 Sims 4 games! Sims 2 blog run by deveroux because I figured it was about time I separate my Sims posts from my personal blog.Since Tumblr seems to be slowly but surely deleting my old download posts, Ive decided to set up archive posts on my Dreamwidth account. Ebonix | Blvck-Life-Simz King Beard Mesh Edit. Hey guys, back with a simple mesh edit that will hopefully add some versatility to the way we make our male sims! Scaled the beard up so that it now covers more of the face. 20s, female, plays sims 2, enjoys color I have a main blog that isnt actually a simblr but is the one I follow with- kofayeen.Heres the male version of yesterdays hairstyle, and again I wont be including the base since its not mine. It comes in Remis naturals (and texture), my usual variety of Cool Sims Male and female hair. XM Sims Enough said. Garden of Shadows(GoS) Dyed, natural, short, long.Rose Sims 2 First place I ever downloaded hair. Freezetomorrow on LJ. Just click the Sims 2 archive. Twistedfate Sims. Home archive Message.This is my 2nd Male Poses Pack for you! Im getting better :) Hope you like them! Packages replace the CAS animations related to the characters traits. Last Activity: Yesterday 5:47 PM . Location: Earth, the third planet from the Sun Occupation: Software developer Gender: Male Tumblr name: arturlwww Patreon: click here. Games owned: The Sims 2: The Sims 3: The Sims 4 Download Takes you to the post in the forum (this is for sims 2!) labelled ADAssortedOMSFRepositorySet Thank you Ambular .Heres some male clothes to help ) This is for sims 2! this explains why i thought youd been so quiet lately lol i hope tumblr hasnt unfollowed anyone else for me sims 2 meshing WHY WHYYY WHYYYYYYYYYY. I havent meshed much lately and almost forgot about this step in the process Second sim request is up :3 Anon 2 wanted a male alien sim, with unnatural colored hair, pointy ears, and big eyes! if you can make him somewhat catlike, that would be even better.Lilith, 26, portuguese. I make custom content for The Sims 2. Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.sims2 male. <> Most recent. Thank you for these 2 years. As I announced here Ive descided to stop being a part of the Sims 2 community and do anything Sims 2 indefinitely.Chere-simblr shared an adorable set of accessory bunny slippers at their Tumblr :3. Im Esotheria, avid Sims 2 player and fan, and this is a blog dedicated to my favorite game.Child-Elder, for both genders. Mesh by Eir included. Angles Female hair | Angles Male hair. Shiyori Theme by Luis Henrique Bizarro for Tumblr. COULD PLEASe!!!!!someone make those hair in sims 4 for both male female cuz there is not a lot of mixed (black and white) hair out there it would be so appreciate is some one made those thank you PLEASE REBLOG (please for MALE as well) ifthats my original tumblr:


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