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NM001240. Figure 1. No nearby LncRNAs found for protein-coding gene CCNT 1. 2. Non-coding ceRNA of the protein coding gene CCNT1. Whats in a GeneCard? This page provides information about the various GeneCards sections and tables. General Comments. CCNT1 - cyclin T1.CCNT1 Gene Structure. Chromosome: chr12 Genbank ID: NM001240 Orientation: - Length coding sequence : 2178 nucleotides. Catalog Number: MG59207-ACR. General Information. Gene : cyclin T1. Official Symbol : CCNT1. Synonym GeneCards is a searchable, integrative database that provides comprehensive, user-friendly information on all annotated and predicted human genes. CCNT1 |CCNT1 antibody CSB-PA004832KA - Flarebio Products Made In China, China Manufacturer.Description:Rabbit Anti Human CCNT1 PolyClonal Antibody. CCNT1 gene. Known as: CDK9-ASSOCIATED C-TYPE CYCLIN, CYCLIN T, CYCLIN C-RELATED PROTEIN. (More). GeneCards- genome-wide gene and disease databases. For over 15 years, we have developed and expanded GeneCards (www. ) a comprehensive GeneCards is an integrated database of human genes that includes automatically-mined genomic, proteomic and transcriptomic information, as well as orthologies, disease relationships, SNPs GeneCards GeneAnalytics GeneAlaCart PathCards VarElect TGex.Search results for CCNT1.

No.:CCNT1-308HCL Lot.Antigen gene information. Gene Name Official Symbol Synonyms. CCNT1 cyclin T1 [ Homo sapiens ]. Plasmid CCNT1pLX307 from Dr. Sefi Rosenbluhs lab contains the insert CCNT1 and is published in Cell Syst. PrimePCR Template for SYBR Green Assay: CCNT1, Human Reaction: 200 x 20 l reactions desalted Gene-specific synthetic DNA template designed to give a positive External IDs. OMIM: 602506 MGI: 1328363 HomoloGene: 947 GeneCards: CCNT1 Gene.Cyclin-T1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CCNT1 gene.[1][2]. Bitcoin Cash block explorer. Address: 1CCnt6RL1rdbWfEiUX8QseDAb7r941vhfq.Unspent outputs: 0. 1CCnt6RL1rdbWfEiUX8QseDAb7r941vhfq balance chart. Block. Main page Gene CCNT1.GeneID. CCNT1. FoldChange. 1.17. GeneCards (Weizmann).CCNT1. Genomic and cartography. CCNT1, Cyclin-T1 UniProt O60563. Also Known as CCNT1HUMAN, CCNT1. Regulatory subunit of the cyclin-dependent kinase pair (CDK9/cyclin-T1) complex The Weizmann Institute of Science GeneCards and MalaCards databases. GeneCard for HBS1L. Vertebrate Genome Annotation (VEGA) database. CCNT1 CCNT CYCT1 HIVE1. External IDs. OMIM: 143055 MGI: 1328363 HomoloGene: 947 GeneCards: CCNT1Cyclin-T1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CCNT1 gene.[1][2]. Immunogen Affinity Purified. Specificity. CCNT1 Antibody detects endogenous levels of total CCNT1. Storage. Store at -20 C. 1x CCNT1 Peptide found in Zyagen.ZP-7223 | CCNT1 Peptide0.05 mg 204 EUR. Simillar products. Top Gene-Substance Interactions. CCNT1 Interacts with These Diseases. Disease. Score.Substances That Decrease CCNT1. CCNT1 904 Druggable Genome. Alternate NamesCCNT1HUMAN. GO Gene Synonym. Aliases CCNT1, CCNT, CYCT1, HIVE1, cyclin T1 External IDs MGI: 1328363 HomoloGene: 947 GeneCards: CCNT1. GeneCards Summary for CCNT1 Gene. CCNT1 (Cyclin T1) is a Protein Coding gene. Diseases associated with CCNT1 include Hiv-1. Note Protein Name. Molecular Weight Clonality. Unconjugated Rabbit Polyclonal to CCNT1.

Human Entrez Gene: 904 Human Uniprot/Swiss-Prot: O60563 Genecards: CCNT1. Shared database. CCNT1 (cyclin T1). LOVD is supported by: LOVD v.3.0 Build 20c [ Current LOVD status ] Register as submitter | Log in. CCNT1 has not been detected as a mutational cancer driver.This plot shows the most recurrently mutated cancer types in all CCNT1 gene mutations. Searches related to ccnt1 gene.ccnt1 genecard. Sites Of The Day. Boazii ziyafet catering organizasyon toplu yemek. Description. Anti-CCNT1 / Cyclin T1 Antibody (HRP) LS-C498515. Specificity: Regulatory subunit of the cyclin-dependent kinase pair (CDK9/cyclin-T1) complex MalaCards is an integrated database of human maladies and their annotations, modeled on the architecture and richness of the popular GeneCards database of human genes. more Sodium/Nucleoside Cotransporter 1 3. CNT 1 4.Enhancers around SLC28A1 on UCSC Golden Path with GeneCards custom track. CCNT1, cyclin T1. Vertebrate Orthologs. 9. Human Ortholog. CCNT1, cyclin T1 Orthology source: HomoloGene, HGNC. Synonyms. CCNT, CYCT1, HIVE1. Cyclin-T1. Gene. CCNT1. Organism. Homo sapiens (Human).GeneCards: human genes, protein and diseases. Contact Technical Service. SAB3501029 Sigma. Anti-CCNT1 antibody produced in rabbit. affinity isolated antibody. SDS. The Weizmann Institute of Science GeneCards and MalaCards databases. GeneCard for CCNT1. iHOP - Information Hyperlinked over Proteins. More Proteins for Cyclin T1 (CCNT1) Interaction Partners. Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Cyclin T1 ( CCNT1) interaction partners. The data for CCNT1 were generated from two RIP-seq experiments.> ripGal.CCNT1.ctl. GAlignments object with 5853 alignments and 1 metadata column LifeMap Sciences Inc. Academic License Agreement. GeneCards Team.Showing 25 of 5,334 Results for CCNT1 Search Time: 6 ms. Cyclin T1. CCNT1. Available structures. PDB.External IDs. MGI: 1328363 HomoloGene: 947 GeneCards: CCNT1. Table of contentsDisease relevance of CCNT1High impact information on CCNT1 GeneCards has an improved search that is fast and provides accurate results. Version 3.0 also provides paging capabilities and easily readable minicards. CCNT1 Antibody is a Rabbit Polyclonal antibody against CCNT1. Rabbit Polyclonal, Size: 50 ?g. More sizes available, please contact us on for details. Identifiers. Aliases. CCNT1, CCNT, CYCT1, HIVE1, cyclin T1. External IDs. MGI: 1328363 HomoloGene: 947 GeneCards: CCNT1. SLC28A1, CNT1, HCNT1, Concentrative nucleoside transporter 1, solute carrier family 28 member 1. External IDs. MGI: 3605073 HomoloGene: 37902 GeneCards: SLC28A1. SOURCE. GeneCards. NCBI Gene. Swiss-Prot.a N terminal cyclin domain, N-terminal AAs are specifically involved in the binding of CCNT1 to HEXIM1 but not to HIV1 Tat. Rabbit polyclonal CCNT1 antibody was raised against an 18 amino acid peptide near the carboxy terminus of human CCNT1. GeneCards is a database of human genes that provides genomic, proteomic, transcriptomic, genetic and functional information on all known and predicted human genes. It is being developed and maintained by the Crown Human Genome Center at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Mus musculus. Ccnt1. MGI:1328363 C. Rattus norvegicus.BioGPS D. GENATLAS D. GeneCards D. GOPubmed D. H-InvDB D.


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