javascript get timezone name from offset





Javascript Date.toJSON dont get the timezone offset. Well the problem is that I was using code like this: new Date().toJSON().slice(0, 10).From name Hi, I want to know if I can get the system time zone in Javascript. I am able to get the timezone offset by calling getTimezoneOffset.TimeZone and Daylight Saving Time. Convert Date from one timezone to another. How to get country name for a particluar TimeZone object?? I know how to get the timezone offset, but what I need is the ability to detect something like "America/New York." Is that even possible from JavaScript or is thatThis script allows to get the name of the timezone of the browser I had previously thought that offset was unique, so it could be used to get the timezone. thetallweeks Feb 10 15 at 18:58.How to get timezone name (PDT, EST, etc.) in Javascript? 27. Detect timezone abbreviation using JavaScript. 7. Answer.